The Love is Gone?....

...since the beginning of '07 the stampeders have been to numerous charity and community events....the following cast of characters have participated in at least one or many of these events:

Godfrey Ellis
Trey Young
Jeff Pilon
Scott Coe
Burke Dales
Jermaine Copeland
Jay McNeil
Alex Gauthier
Derek Armstrong
Nik Lewis
Taylor Robertson
Joffrey Reynolds
Terrane Patrick

......there is missing from that group one high profile player who resides here in town, Henry Burris....what's up with Henry not making any noise?....since the WSF the guy has been non-existent....I understand he has a young son to attend to but c'mon Hank, a charity event here and there wouldn't kill you....last year there was a fair bit of Hank in the off season my question to the rest of the stamp faithful is:

Do you think the noticably absent Henry from any stampeder related off season event is:
a) a coincidnce?
b) a conscious decision on the club's behalf to keep Henry away from the spotlight?
c) Henry licking his ego-wounds in his Bridgeland condo?

Hmmm, let me add another question Red..... Is Henry under even more preasure to show his stuff this year?

This is my thoughts, I think its S**t or get off the pot (or out of town). The Stamps have one of the best (we can argue who is number 1 between BC or Calgary) Receiving group in the league. They have an excellent Running back in Joffrey Reynolds. You have one of the best Offensive Coordinators in Cortez. If Henry can't do it this year, what else can you add to the mix to make it better?

Could the Stampeders be keeping him on a low profile, so that his attention is 100% devoted to the Regular season? (And Playooffs?)

Just a follow up thought for you Red.

....I can't think of a reason why the club itself wouldn't want HB out there doing the community thing....sure the first couple of times might be awkward but why sit and dwell on it....I'm truly perplexed why HB is underground right now...

Well boys in defense of Henry if I was a father for the first time I would spend more time in the off season with my young son. I do know that the tandem Lewis and Copeland have been picking up the slack for the missing Hank.
Pressure for Hank to perform. To a degree but the same goes for the whole team. Yes he has a good core of receivers, good running back, good O line extra. But they still have not hit the field as a unit. Last year each unit to turns self destructing. Yes when a team loses the QB is at fault in most fans eyes. Remember it is a team sport. Last year it seemed this team had pressure from the start. Just maybe it is time for them to enjoy the game with out pressure. Cortez will be a huge improvement on the offense. The only thing Hank could get blamed for is his love to force the ball to ex team mate Thurmon. Yes I am not a Thurmon fan but it seemed since his arrival this team took a step back.

I havent seen Henry hiding, ive seen him on the
Breakfast show, at Talisman centre, and at the
Flames poker night, which raised over $300,000 for
various charities.

Maybe its Red who needs to get out???, yes perhaps I do...I obviously missed these events then in my mistake....

On a side note, its really great that your players get out in the community for events like you mention.

It can only help both the team and the league in the long term!

The key to improving Burriss' numbers is simple—hypnosis.
Just have a hypnotist come in before every game and convince Burriss he's playing against Montreal. He's been tearing the Als apart since he first arrived in this league.
As an ardent Montreal fan who has learned to both admire and despise the guy, I maintain that , once he truly believes in himself and refuses to be rattled, Burriss will be the dominant quarterback in the CFL.

You are right he needs to have more confidence in his abilities to be successful. But thats face it QB's have to play with pressure and if you can handle it you will be good. If you can't then your name would be Glenn or Joseph! :lol:

last i remember, it was burris choking under pressure the last 2 seasons, and it was joseph who ended the stamps season last year :lol:

Yawn move along troll!

Call me a troll if you want, but I noticed that Henry sponsored a big event the week-end before TC. I think that he probably does a lot more than is really noticed by any one person.
Interesting thing I noticed though going to Henry's website. His choice of links. The 1st (as it should be) the Stamps site, then his old university, The official CFL site and from then on various Rider's and Saskatchewan sites. It is good to see that he maintains old friendships, but no fellow Stampeder's site?

Well it is not Henry that holds a grudge. He always maintains the best fans were priders. And he loved Regina. So why would he not include it.

I agree. It is too bad that so mahy Rider Fans dislike Henry. I actually don't think that they dislike him as a person, they just can't forgive him for leaving (Which was SHIVER's fault).

Regardless who is at fault. A person is free to go where he pleases it is after all a free country. If someone is angry at Henry for leaving then there must be thousands of residents that have left over the years being resented as well. The opportunity for him was better in Calgary thus his move. He never once stated he hated the province, the people or the Riders team. He is not the first player to leave and will not be the last. It happens in every city yet no other fan in the CFL hates a guy fro leaving for a better opportunity. Do Stamp fans hate Dickenson. That is just pathetic if that is the reasoning. Sort of corner gas logic right!