The loss of Bob Ackles is obvious

The loss of Bobby Ackles is one of the bigger reasons this team has fallen so dramatically. With out his leadership and the high expectations he demanded from himself and his players this franchise is not even close to the level of professionalism he brought to the BC Lions. He had passion and loved the BC Lions but it looks like the present group (with some acceptations) lacks these qualities.

There is probably some truth to this, but one man does not make a team. I personally think that Wally is just as committed and loves the Lions almost as much. With his team imploding over the off season, he has made some uncharacteristically bad decisions.

I've written the Lions off for the year... and hope... hope... he wakes up at some point this year and gets rid of the parasites and dead weight that currently exist amongst the players and staff.

I think the loss of the other Bob ( Obie) is hurting the Lions more than anything.

Truth to all of this but outside of losing Bob Obilivich, all the other trades Wally has made have been fine (Ex Clearmont , Murphy.) they did lose some talent via the NFL but thats not Wally's fault . The Lions will be a bit weaker for a couple of years but they will be a powerhouse after that as they have some good young talent comming up.