The Long off season.......

The CFL has a long off season, between December and February it is literally dead, and even in February when free agency starts, there is little to no media coverage. I think TSN or someone should help to make the off season a little shorter. Maybe 2 weeks or a month after the season, TSN should do a season review show to keep the game fresh in our minds. Then maybe a week before free agency, TSN should do a 30 minute free agency show, and then do one maybe 2 weeks later just to show all the latest news. A draft preview show should also be done, now that the draft is being televised, and then a few season preview shows. I don't think that is really much to ask, but it would really help speed up the off season. Maybe one night instead of showing poker or boxing matches from the 70's they could devote a half hour to the CFL. 2 half hour shows a month really isn't that much.

You could always start following the AFL.....................oops!

My off-season has seemed tremendously long. :?

I usually don`t get too squirrelly during the off-season. I have the NFL until February, the NHL until May, and the NBA until June. Plenty of sports for me to watch.

when is the draft televised?