The locker room sale

only about 10 people were allowed in at a time, and by 10:30 a massive line had formed, me and my dad got there pretty early (10:05) and still waited about 45 minutes in the cold to get in. I want to know what happened to 50% off? almost everything was regular price or close to it. selection wasn’t to great either. It was alright, just next year i suggest moving to a bigger room, waiting in the cold for 45 minutes almost wasn’t worth it, but in the end, i got my Casey Printers autographed jersey and was happy.

also, i suggest selling new helmets as well, i would rather have a brand new nice helmet than some smashed up stained one

First, if you wanted to get in early, you had to get there early. I was there waiting in the cold at 9am. I got a lot of good stuff, cheap.

i would have gotten there earlier if i could, we left from mississauga at 8:45 and ended up sitting in traffic, then standing in a huge line , and it wasn't all that cheap, i was told everything would be 50% off. i did get a few things though, a printers autographed jersey, a hoodie, a toque and a hat

I must of been in the line before you, I got in at 10:30 and still got great deals on game worn helmets(250.00) name plates(5.00) and shooter glasses 12 for (20.00). as for the helmets, the one i bought was in great shape.(Must of been worn by a 3rd stringer)...LOL


there were decent price on everything, but i wassnt aware that they were guanna limit the number of people in at one time.

also if anyone bought any name plates and wanna sell them lol i will buy them depending on the player.

I have the Lumsden and Moreno name plates

I don’t know why some were expecting everything to be half-price. When they say “up to 50%” it doesn’t usually mean all of it, or even most of it.

Some nice clothing there. Not sure how good a deal it actually was, but $20-25 off seemed ok. I wonder if the McCants and Getzlaf jerseys sold. :lol:

Most surprising thing: the small size of the locker room. Was that the actual team changeroom?

Name Plates I'm looking for :


if you have them, PM me, lets talk

does anyone know who took anderson. when i asked if they had him they told me his name plate was the first one they sold.

and i have a big list im looking for lol so if you have anyones pm me with a price n ill let you no

I've got Walker. I'm not selling. I also know who got Reid. I don't think she comes on the forums and I doubt she'd be selling either.

I got Anderson.

BTW... if anyone got Pascal Cheron's name plate or practice jersey... send me a PM if you'd be willing to sell.

SO THERE.... :lol:

BTW.. the two name plates I got that I would be willing to sell are Anderson and Keith. :slight_smile:

Just wanted them for The Winking Judge.

I got Hodges, its up on the wall.

They all drank there, I just wanted to get them to go with Howards. :rockin:

I only seen items that where 47% off.

Whats with that? :roll:

if u wanna sell eather of those let me know cuz i wanted andersons and ill take keith

I'm also looking for Anderson too. :thup: name your price :thup:

Game worn shooter glasses? Maybe tha explains the performance on the field last year. :smiley: