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if our o-line is so dirty why is it they are flagged so infrequently compared to others we have the meanest and toughest o-line in the league with out question All I can see is that the complainers in here dont know wqhat football is all about

You obviously meant to post this back in October when people were still discussing the Lions o-line right?

Seriously, are we still beating this horse? Move on. :roll: gonna show up seven months late for the season, too?


...hehehe, welcome to the 2008 season, the "lions-under-the-refs-microscope-season"...

the reason the lions o-line is so dirty is that it dont rain inside the dome.

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Hey furniture,

I guaren-damn-tee you that if the Lions were to cut either Rob Murphy or Jason Jimenez that every other team in the league would be fighting tooth and nail to get these guys. Just because certain CFL fans on a message board think they are dirty does not make it so. If I believed everything I read on this site I'd be in big trouble.

The bottom line is that we as Lions fans know how valuable these two are to our franchise. They brought us the Grey Cup in 06 and are going to do it again this year. Sweet redemption.

Go Lions!

Yup. I second that guarantee. And it is completely juvenile to assume and suggest that someone will 'pay back' Jimenez or any CFL'er for that matter.


And just because certain biased lions fans cant see the truth, doesnt mean they are not dirty

well, the problem is, the fans are thinking so, because a large number of players, coaches, etc, around the league are saying so. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

In your last paragraph, you seem to be saying, it doesnt matter how dirty they are, all that matters is that they help us get the grey cup. If that what you saying, that damn shamefull.

I say they're not dirty, you say they are. I could name O-Linemen on other teams I think that are dirty but you may not necessarily agree. And if you want to talk shameful FYB, that would be cheering against your team in the playoffs because you heard a certain player did a dirty act (note that you did not see it). If this is the type of loyal fan that you are to the Lions, I'd rather you not cheer for them this year or ever again.

I told you this last year, I don't consider you a Lions fan. Your avatar is somewhat deceiving.

Just because certain mods who have a ******* for hating the Lions can't see the truth does not mean that they are dirty. And I paraphrase your comment on the John Chick pindown: "They jumped on him because they are a bunch of goons". Possibly the most laughable statement I've ever seen on the history of the CFL forums :lol:

What you consider is totally irrelevant.

I consider you to be on par with those canuck fans that so adamantly defended Bertuzzi, until he was no longer a Canuck. In fact, I am sure you were one of them.

Consider me a Canucks fan that defended Bertuzzi while he was in Vancouver and still defend him to this day.

exactly. As expected. Which makes your opinion on JJ totally worthless.

...but do you love him?....

(lol, sorry, couldn't resist, God strike me with lightning)

Actually, considering I was one of the few people that saw the Jimenez incident live at BC Place about 5 rows from the field, I would reckon that my opinion is far more valuable than yours.

I just spoke with Mr. Jimenez and he told me to relay this message to you FYB: "I'm going to tuck you in tonight football you bet and read you a bedtime story".

are you one of turkeybends alias's??

Assuming you are attempting to tell the truth about what you think you saw, you obviously saw what you think you saw through Black and Orange colored glasses. Your comments re Bertuzzi takes away all your credibility on this type of subject.

Take the lions logo off your glasses lens, and you might be able to see what is really happening.