The Lions WON???

Not only that, they kicked ass??? Is it because we were that good or Deadmonton that bad? That score was a hell of a surprise. A good one of course.

Was total Domination; a cakewalk. This was the least amount of points [ 1 ] scored by an Eskie team in the history played of games played at Commonwealth. Congrats to the Lions on their victory.

I called it.

This game is a giant "HAH!" to all the people who think that nothing matters in the CFL but the QB. Ricky Ray didn't forget how to play the game in August vs July. The difference is that he has a totally different set of receivers right now due to injury. That's really what this game was about.

Well, that along with BC playing clean football and not shooting themselves in the foot.

That and the fact Edmonton doesn't have a competent o-lineman on the roster.

Sure is making things interesting in the west I will say. :o

Just goes to show that a hot start doesn't automatically mean you are a Grey Cup contender. Injuries have destroyed the Eskimos' offense. And I would have to agree with Chief on the O-line. Not sure how or why Tillman neglected the most important component of the team's offense at the start of the season.

Well I picked Edmonton after the Lions implosion from last game. I didn't see this one coming, but will gladly take a loss in the pool for a big win for my team.

Like I said early in the season, it's not a teams start but more thier finish in the season and I hope BC can finish with positive outcomes like this down the stretch.

And they looked very good in doing so, Lulay, the receivers, the defence, all around great game by the Lions. Akeem Foster is an absolute beast.'re supposed to be drinking your face off in Ireland, quit worrying about the lions...

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I called it two weeks ago. I tailgate with all my Lions friends here in Vancouver and after the Sask/BC game I told them, "you guys are gonna smoke Edmonton."

...not really, close but not nickname is derived from the usual colours of my eyeballs...

[sarcasm]Of course it was because Edmonton was so bad. With all the injuries, the horrible play and stupid penalties - it had nothing to do with how the Lions played. The Lions defence had absolutely nothing to do with Ray getting pulled or the Esks' o-line not being able to stop anyone or all the penalties. It was all on the Eskimos - Lions did nothing but accept one gift after another from the Esks.[/sarcasm]

The Lions are a better team on paper than their record indicated and have made a habit of having bad starts to the season lately, but ussually end off strong. Hopefully the same applies this year. I think the West Division is still wide open and if this team can get hot, you never know.

They certainly need to sustain this through the break especially since they're playing another struggling team back to back (Toronto)

argos vs lions in 2 weeks....someone will be 3-6!!!!

Argos :rockin:

That's not funny. :x

Wow! The result of this game has to be a real surprise to even the most loyal and rabid BC Lions fan because nobody could have predicted or saw this coming. The Lions are certainly capable of winning on the road, and everyone in Vancouver would have been quite pleased with a 3 point victory, but nobody expected the total domination they saw at Commonwealth Stadium on Friday night. I think this tells everyone that the Lions are better than they've been playing and there is hope the season can be salvaged. Also, they need to build on this result and string a few wins in row together and become dangerous when playoff time rolls around.
For the Edmonton Eskimos this is a total team lack of effort, and you can't place the blame on only one or two players. What is particularly bothersome about this situation is they have scored a total of 5 points in their last two cames with zero touchdowns. I know they have numerous wide receivers hurt and problems on the offensive line, but if you are a professional you have to step up when called on and produce some positive results for your team. What has to happen now is for the coaching staff to breakdown everything and look at what they can do to right the ship, and taking steps in positive direction to make things right. Also, a win right now would go a long way to boosting their confidence and getting them over this bad situation.
It should be interesting for both teams, because they still have to play each other two more times this season. Let's just sit back and see what happens.

yeah, but what a way to go :wink:

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Italy sure is a good plan in 1.5 weeks from now speaking from experience, for they are just finishing their annual holiday over there and you won't find everything closed except expensive boutiques as in much of Europe in August.