The Lions will roar this Saturday night against the Riders..

Lions are gonna be angry as hell after their first loss of the season in Edmonton. I would not want to be the Green Riders this weekend at BC Place. Look for a large crowd (37,000+) and for the Lions to come out hungry in this one. I pick the Lions to take this one by at least a TD.

angry? cripes its only one loss. If teams get mad after one loss imagine how the riders must feel after 6 this year :x I think it will be a close game throughout.

Tell Dickenson to watch his back, and good luck Lions :slight_smile:

37,000 is a large crowd, you must get more than that when sask comes to town, we had 48,000 plus at commonwealth when you pussycats came to town. If the lions lose this game it really makes no difference in the standings for you, but id be worried that it means you guys have already peaked and are on the decline, not saying you are of course, bc is one helluva team , just something to think about! Cheer RLR

This is gonna be one hell of a football game. I am disapointed that I probably won't get to watch it, darn CBC. I agree the Lians will be mad, and will be helped by their fans.

I'll do some keys kind of like they do on TV

BC keys

  1. Protection for Dickenson
  2. Spreading the ball around, got a lot of weapons on offence, use them to prevent the Riders from keying on anyone.
  3. Minimize turnovers (okay this can be a key in every game, but Sask is turning into a turnover machine the last few games)


  1. STOP or Even SLOW the Run. Pretty obvious but it needs to be said.
  2. Nothing deep - Riders were throwing the ball up a few times last game they may try to continue this.
  3. Get to Crandell - take him off his game, shake his confidence and try to turn him into the QB that Calgary had no problem letting go


  1. Establish the Run Early and often - BC's defence is very good at stopping the run so if the o-line can open some holes for Holmes it will be very good for the Riders.
  2. Take what they give. - BC does not give up a lot of first downs, so for a ball control offence like the Riders it might be hard to have long sustained marches. So if they are giving the deep stuff take it.
  3. DOn't drop the ball - They have been ok the last couple games, but the Rider recievers can get the case of stone hands, make sure they secure the ball before runnning.


  1. Get to Dickenson. BC is worst in the league for sacks allowed, so hopefully they can get in there and take DD to the turf.
  2. Get the crowd out of it. Start the game off with a few two and outs should help quiet the crowd.
  3. Keep everything to a minimum. You are not gonna prevent DD from doing everything, so try to minimize what he can do to you. hopefully getting some pics and sacks along the way.

Should be a great game. And I can honestly see it going either way. I'm betting on my Riders though for this one. I think we will split the two remaining games between us.




Hey Billy - the game is on TSN at 8 pm Sask. time - not CBC.

I wonder what Kanka is like when he gets a few drinks in him?

Haven't heard on the radio yet what the attendance figures are. 37,000 is a reasonable guess. Billy Soup, pretty good preview.

Anyone going to the game, Canucks are playing same time next door at GM place. Go early because parking will be a b*tch!

IMO, Crandell has not been outstanding. He’s been steady at best. However, his stepping up to take the starter position from Nealon has seemed to breathe new life into the entire team. Our O-Line has always had the potential to be great, but they weren’t earlier this year. Over the last four games, I’ve noticed them really gelling - if they step it up again on Saturday, the Riders just might have a better shot than I give them credit for.

I’ve never had issue with our defense. They’re proven already, and if they bring their heads with them, Dickenson could be in real trouble. However, Dickenson is seasoned enough to exploit any void he sees, and could easily pick us apart should he find some weakness (similar to what Ray did to us a couple weeks back).

I am so looking forward to this game!

On the 18th, Riders gave me a B-Day present by beating the Eskimos, this saturday I will get my Bachelor party present (me and a bunch of guys are going to the casino to watch the game on the big screen for the bachelor party) and next saturday, although I have to miss the game, the Riders will give me my wedding present by beating the Als. The TO game was just my last friday present. Just 8 more presents to collect on till the Riders get the best present of all..... the big grey cup.

Go Riders!!

Dr.Rise, how about if the Lions beat the Riders this weekend, you call off the wedding?

The one thing Crandell has done is minimized turnovers. I know he threw a bad pick that Ivory took to the jouse last game. But other than that he keeps the ball in Sask's possession. Something Greene was having trouble doing.

Sask will have to get to DD (like Billy said) early and often. You just can't give a guy with a 75% completion rate time to throw. Especially with the receiving core B.C. has.

I think Warren will have a lot of trouble running against us though.

Riders to win. Big Nate and Shultz are hungry for some sacks. All the Riders need to do is put points on the board, and score touchdowns rather than field goals. They have to make amends for last years loss in the playoffs at BC place. The Riders have a good defensesive alignment for BC's offence.

Nice. I don't know why my old man told me it was on CBC. I guess I shouldn't rely on a guy who phones me every few days to get me to help him turn a dvd on, or retrieve an email. :slight_smile:

KK you have paid your bill move on!

JM02 I am glad you mentioned the O line because I think this has been the difference maker for this team.

A quote from Saskargo, What you getting married to your cousin! Just a joke do not take it serious! Good one Saskargo!

By the way Congrads! Dr Rise!

I have looked through my family bush and can't find any links to her so I think I'm clear. :smiley:

Saskargo is this true!

Take Care How come redandwhite and I did not get an invite!

The Riders, like the Esks, are one dimensional.

Shut down the run, you shut down the Riders. Having said that, the Esks ran more against BC then any other team this year and their running game is not to be desired.

Hopefully BC’s D has been practicing stopping the run, if they are successful at that then it’s all over for Sasnatchewan.

I hope the lions eat the Riders.... They have to lose sooner or later.