The Lions were outcoached today!!!!!!!


For those who doubted the coaching of the riders - I thought it was clear the Rider staff badly outcoached the Lions staff today.
The Rider defences' blitzes were creative with blitzes hitting different holes combined with d-line loops resulting in confusion on the Lions.
On offence, the Riders were way more creative on offence utilizing draws, dump passes, screens , play-action onn the goal-line. The Lions became almost predictable with not many deep passes thrown.
Except for a couple of special teams run backs by the Leos , the Riders carried the day in spades!!!!!!!!! :rockin:

Was the Riders running game still on the combine on the Transcanada? I don't think it was at BC Place.

Not like they needed it though...

I con't believe I am saying this but I agree with Turkey.

They ran for more than 100 yds, and more than the Lions. It wasn't dominant, but it was enough.

18 carries 112 yards. Pretty solid really. And they ground out the yards when they needed them.

Out coached or not, Saskatchewan came with a purpose, while I never got the feeling BC's offense (or defence)was producing much. The noise hurt BC more then the riders. As weird as this may sound I'll be cheering for the riders. They are a good team, they beat my team so I respect that and if BC's not winning might as well go to the WEST.

Anyways, riders won't win for a long time because BC will. (:

I also noticed the BC DB's running around and yelling at each other in disarray..that play with Flick catching out of the back field they were totally unprepared for. The Riders had a lot of missed chances with wide open receivers... again botched coverages...the game plan was masterful albeit not always successful.
The Defensive strategy was another story.. 7 sacks 2 fumble recoveries and 2 interceptions pretty well sums it all up

Most of that must have been Joseph scrambling though, I don't think Holmes had many rushes. I guess if it works it works. Sure seems like a pretty pass happy offence though.

Cates had 70 yards.

Cates had a couple of nice runs, with a broken foot to boot :wink:

12 carries 70 yards!

Poor BC coaching is right! Why did they not use Joe Smith in the second half? They were not that far down that they had to abandon the running game completely. Dickie Dee certainly is no running threat with him being only one hit away from not remembering who he is! It also might have kept some of the heat off the QB's if they mixed things up more.

the lions secondary did have issues today

carried the day in spades is a bit of a stretch

I was VERY suprised at BC secondary as well.

I think with Sherko going down for the O-line sure hurt BC The Riders really picked on his replacement. I’ve never seen BC’s O-line being manhandled like this before.

yeah they seemed to beat the o line in the same spot on a number of occasions. wonder if the replacement was the issue. oh well, you win some and then you lose some.

The Lions have 5 great O linemen there problem lies in they seem to have no credible backups...
Riders have depth at O line as witnessed by injuries and the Ejection of 2 linemen debacle.

While there starting lineup may not be star studded like BC's I think they have the best backup players across the board in the League, we have had more injuries at starting and or Key positions than any team in the league yet we still perservere

You should have seen the Leos final game vs. Calgary. Same story, backups and shifting in the O-line, DD went down 6 times in that game too.

Outcoached, outplayed. DD had a short field to work with most of the 2nd half. With the adjustments made to the O-line, could've been more patient with the run. Only down by 10 with 10 min left in the 3rd. Noise left the Can pretty early though. Fans were noticeably demoralized durning the 4th.

The better teams won today. Were they The BC "O" line had to be on their best behaviour, and with Sherko injured they were ineffective. Was it 7 sacks? Unbelievable. No protection for their QB's. And then there was all the Turnovers. Wow. The Bombers held their own, even after Glen went down. But they were better last week even though the score was closer. Should be a good cup, and the Winners will be a team that hasn't been to the Final Dance for sometime. And that is not a bad thing.

I guess Rasoulli's back up also got injured so his back ups back up was in lol. I was wondering how the riders ran thru completely untouched on a couple plays. thats football :smiley: