the Lion's OverHaul Continues

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The B.C. Lions will have a new look next season.
After firing head coach Mike Benevides following another playoff disappointment, GM Wally Buono announced the team will not be bringing back a number of veterans, including quarterback Kevin Glenn.
Glenn stepped in as the starter before Travis Lulay returned to the lineup and then once again after Lulay went down with a season-ending shoulder injury.
Lulay is expected to be ready for training camp next season while Glenn will not be offered a contract.
The team also announced they will not be picking up the options on defensive tackle Khalif Mitchell, cornerback Dante Marsh, linebacker Jamall Johnson and punter Ricky Schmitt.
The Lions finished fourth in the West Division with a 9-9 record before dropping a 50-17 decision to the Alouettes in the playoffs.

I can't believe they're going to let Glenn walk away without a suitable replacement at QB. To put all their eggs in Lulay's basket is a huge mistake, as his career is over, IMO.

so is Glenn's

They announced Glenn a couple weeks back, or at least Wally mentioned it, perhaps unofficially

Kevin Glenn was unfairly scapegoated for the playoff debacle in Montreal. He had some bad games this year, no question. And he looked simply horrendous against the Als; not denying that. But he was also in a bad offensive system, with poor in-game adjustments, inferior wideouts, and a spotty offensive line (thanks to their coach for life, Dan Dorazio).

I don't think the team will improve next year with a "one hit away" Travis Lulay and an NFL journeyman in John Beck. Travis Partridge and Jordan Rodgers could be good prospects, but by cutting Glenn, the Lions not only wasted a #1 2014 draft pick, but must now find a suitable CFL-ready replacement.

I think this team will be worse next year ticket sale will decline , and you will see for the first time crowds in the very low 20’ s 22,000 - 25,000 we have not seen that since 2003- 04 ( not including empire field )

Thats why Braley needs to sell now.. He is too stubborn to see the writting on the wall. He will get a larger sale price now than he will after running the team even further into the ground, and a new owner will revitalize the team. A win win for everyone.

Agree could not have said it better myself Braily has been a great owner but his time has come I think he does not realize he is running this team into the ground there is no Bob Ackles out there to save him and Skulskie does not know what he is doing ( the first time I saw him standing on the sidelines and that guarantee win night what a joke fans will not fall for that again ) there has to be a complete over haul with Wally staying as the gm.

Glenn and Mitchell, I am not surprised about. Schmitt surprised me the most.

You may not be far off the mark on that call. They are going to need a good QB back up because I cannot see Lulay lasting the season. He is a great guy but I think the writing is on the wall.

I don't know if Glenn was made a scapegoat. Often when a team does well the QB seems to get most of the praise. When the team does poorly, a lot of fans are critical of the QB.

Glenn was hot and cold. When he was on he seemed unbeatable. When he was off he was way off. Sometimes I wondered which Glenn would show up to the game. To Glenn's credit he helped the Lions get into the playoffs. He did this with guys like Harris, Logan and Brown out of the line-up during key games.

I really agree with your comment about Lulay being "one hit away". It happened this past season and it will very likely happen again. I don't know if Beck or Partridge have what is needed but unless they acquire some very good talent the Lions may have trouble making the playoffs in 2015.

The offensive line in BC has been garbage for years now. If they can't fix that it won't matter who's under centre.

Glenn did not look good this year and showed his age, he may be done like Burris is in Ottawa.
Schmitt the punter is the surprise.

I AGREE The OL needs to fixed ASAP, but I hate to say this to every lions fan go out and support them this year but it is going to be a uphill battle on and off the field just listing to the press conference on lions .com and wally is saying everything right . but actions have to take place to sell this to us this year , I do not think the lions realize how deep they are in .

Count me in as surprised they would walk away from Glenn so quickly. Despite Glenn's struggles he at least get the team into the playoffs but have to score the trade with Ottawa for the Redblacks as it looks like they parlayed that draft pick into a good one with Pruneau. And it leaves them with a mess at QB as others have pointed out. I'm not sure how you can bank on Lulay to play more than half a season at this point until he can actually do it, and Beck was just awful. It's expecting a lot from Partridge and Rogers if they are the only ones back to compete for jobs in camp. Curious if Buono goes after another experienced arm in the offseason.

The Oline wasn't great, partly IMO because they had to go too young too quickly after losing a vet starter each of the last couple of years, then losing Albright in the expansion draft. But the Oline wasn't any different than the receivers, Glenn, or the running backs this season, that being wildly inconsistent. Some of that has to fall on the scheme and playcalling by Khari Jones and it'll be interesting to see if he keeps his job once the new HC is hired which, IMO, should be an offense guy.

Dante Marsh I'm not surprised at all about. He's up there in terms of age, was outspoken about Buono casting off his buddy Korey Banks in the offseason and again after the season ended, and he saw his playing time diminish this year. Seems Buono is in the process of slowly youth-anizing his secondary. First Banks, now Marsh - Ryan Phillips you're on the clock.

As for Glenn, not sure if this is the end for him or if he gets new life as a backup elsewhere. Riders perhaps after how things worked out with Sunseri and Doege and the desperate turn to Kerry Josepf? Or would he entertain going to Ottawa now that he's more likely to get a real shot at the starting job since I don't think Burris will be guaranteed anything anymore going into next season. How crazy would that be. Ahh, it's nice to finally talk about someone else's QB issues instead of pulling out my hair over my Bombers ones.

IMHO we will see all the players and coache(s) released by bc surface somewhere, or at least offered. The kicker could have the hardest time finding work. IIRC correctly... Mitchell almost quit football when he was traded to the Argos as he likes to live near the west coast.

Well IMO, looks like Trestman will be available for H.C. by 5:00 Eastern Tuesday. What a shi t show these Bears are. Begs the question, do you want him.? I'm thinking it was more Calvillo and Co. than Trestman that made the Als.

Trestman certainly set the stage for Calvillo et al to succeed; he designed a system that exploited their strengths and minimized their weaknesses. But his weakness was a lack of focus on/attention to defence and special teams.

But regardless, I don't see him stepping back to the CFL. I expect he will be able to get an OC job in the NFL or a HC job in the NCAA.

...Jeff Tedford, BC's next head coach?

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Trestman has a multi-million 3 year contract. If or more when he is let go he will likely sit on the last year of his contract like he did in the past.