The Lions destroy SSK

Yes, I know, I know. It was only an exhibition game and the starters were not in on every play. But even though it was an exhibition game I saw some brilliant passes and incredible catches. Jennings may well have his best year yet. And that 3rd stringer Ross. He looked darn good. The Lions appear to have taken care of their place kicking with Waters. And Long? Man can that guy punt. Almost 60 yard punts with no wind advantage? Phenomenal! Rainey will be a guy to reckon with on those punt returns. We have some excellent receivers. These guys were making catches that were unbelievable.

I can't wait to get to the home opener on June 24 when the Lions play Edmonton. Compared to the Lions of last year the team looks like a new team with a hunger I've not seen for awhile.

Yes, yes I know. It was just an exhibition game and they were only playing SSK but I'm willing to bet that the Lions are the real deal this year. A most satisfying game to watch even if it was just an exhibition game.

Easy to agree that BC looked impressive against probably the weakest team in west division. In two preseason games, defense seem better than expectations despite personnel losses such as Bighill, Brazzle and Philips. As expected, offense and special teams should be strong. Isn't Jennings in his option year and needs to do well to earn a new contract later? However offensive line might be weaker if more Canadians are used?

In May 2016, he signed a contract extension through the 2018 season.

The riders are killing it today,

One down fall, time count violation on Bridge late in the game at BC 15 - big mistake man!
Lions crushed 41-8 by Rider team.

That's how you learn, minor point , because of the score

That's true ed, important close game on a minor mistake becomes major mishap. Fortunate it wasn't.

Is there anybody out there in b.c. ?

...two riders fans in a BC Lions chat room...going to be keeping my eye on this boys (read the rules)...

Understood RedandWhite, following ed was my downfall and added lastly - an apology to beaglehound. Cheers

Oh , sorry to, I didn't realize that's a Nono. Won't happen again. problem, I'm sure any of the BC fans would love to have a chat in the main room with either of you...

Congrats to SSK. Wow! Talk about pinning the Lions' ears back. The Riders were on their game and the Lions stunk the joint out. I mean really stunk. Maybe it was just one of those games. Who knows? One commentator was bang on when he said the Lions are a much better team than what we saw. I've no idea what the problem was but even Buono was miffed before the game even began as per the pre-game speech to the players.

At times it looked like the Lions were not interested in even tackling the opposition. And how does a 3 man defensive front line over-power 5 offensive players playing the line? And do it so consistently??

This is not to take away anything from the Riders but given how the Lions handled them in B.C. Place last week I figured even if it were close, the Lions would prevail. Prevail?? Man was I wrong. Glenn was on the money. Rider receivers were always getting open. The Riders DBs covered the Lions receivers like a freaking wet blanket. The Riders sent the Lions packing!

It's too bad the teams don't play each other one more time in regular season play. After giving each other a good drilling it would have been interesting to see who would have won the rubber match. Maybe the Western -Semi Final?

Was last night a fluke when all the planets aligned? We'll know what the Riders have got when they meet the powerhouse Eskies on August 25! Knock off the Esks in convincing fashion and the Riders may have put the worst behind them.

it was a good game