The Lions could end up in top spot as early as Sept. 25th!

The Lions could end up on top spot as early as September 25th

Sound impossible? Perhaps, but if they stay healthy and guys like Bruce and the D-Line play the way they did against Edmonton last night anything is possible.

Here’s how it has to go down:

Montreal trashes Calgary next week while B.C. and Edmonton are resting up.
The Lions beat Toronto in back to back games while Edmonton and Calgary split their games beating each other once.
Edmonton loses to Hamilton on Sept 16
B.C. beats Calgary on Sept. 17
Montreal knocks off Edmonton on Sept. 23
B.C. beats Saskatchewan on Sept. 24
Hamilton knocks off Calgary on Sept. 25 and voila…B.C. is tied for top spot in the west. Come to kitty… come to kitty.

Now of course there will be those who will say “Nay Nay? because September 24/25 marks week 13 of the CFL season and the number 13 is considered bad luck. Well…. Just try and convince Anthony Calvillo! lol

*Management reserves the right to make changes without notice. :rockin:

I can see us passing Edmonton at this rate, but I don't see Calgary dropping that many games. Still love the possibilities we have though.

....and the red ribbon goes to......beaglehound

Clown :thdn:

Very good Nina. Very good. Too funny! :rockin:

you're right on hound.

that was pointless

Too funny RedandWhite! lol I love it!

Nina~ go find the Pinta and Santa Maria and make it a ménage à trois or did someone take the wind out of your sail? lol Have a little faith in the Lions. They're on a roll!

Come on Tyrone. Admit it. Admit you blew your prediction. lol Wanna go for two in a row? lol I didn't think so. "The Lions will never win another game with Lulay at QB!" by Tyrone Martin. I guess Lulay had the last laugh on that one. lol

I think nina was pointing out just how unlikely that scenario is. Wishful thinking by beagle of course, and as a Lions fan we all should be hoping for that all to happen (or at least our boys winning their games).

I just want to see another Leo's win in 2 weeks time and then see how things start to play out.

after week one, I predicted


bc in second place scenerio might not be that likely, but not unreasonable to count on.

YoEleven~ a rather silly way of making a point I should think. Doesn't sound like Nina's oars are all in the water. lol

FootbalYouBet~ My scenario was intended to be fun. Nothing more of course. But the more you look at it who better than for B.C. to take 2 games in a row than from Toronto. That would give B.C. 8 points. Calgary and Edmonton meet back to back over the same two week period. They need to split cause if either team sweeps the other then that team goes to 14 points which is too much of a gap for B.C. to close in my opinion. Yes, it's wishful thinking and tongue in cheek I suppose but who knows given the way things can go in the CFL. B.C.'s win in Edmonton could be just the beginning. Edmonton is a better team that Saskatchewan in my opinion with a superior QB. The Lions knocked off Edmonton in convincing fashion which is good enough for me. The Lions didn't win just because Edmonton has some of its receivers down. The Lions collected 8 or 9 sacks and humungous passing yardage. They are healthy and Bruce has found his mojo. The guy was sensational as far as I'm concerned. If Bruce, Elimimian and Lulay continue playing like this it can't help but raise the level of the other players' game. That is what I'm hoping will happen. Of course Toronto could sweep B.C. in a few weeks and all bets are off but I don't think it's going to happen.

I suppose it might be better if Calgary sweeps Edmonton then the Lions would have a better crack at 2nd spot by the end of the season. They meet Edmonton two more times and I think the Lions have a better chance of beating Edmonton than beating Calgary. That translates into a home play-off game in B.C. Place if the Lions take 2nd place. I'd love to see it happen. A 3rd place finish might do it in a cross-over but I can't remember the rules for a cross-over and where the team that crosses over has to play.

The possible outcomes are all done in fun. Some people actually get that! lol

Ahh probability. Took a course on that way back when. A concept gamblers don't understand.

So, if we want to use the science of probability to compute the odds of BC finishing with some particular record on the season we have to generally consider if the computation falls into one of two categories:

  1. A purely mathematical problem (like throwing dice) where all the significant variables are known.
  2. An essentially behavioural problem where past performance and decision-making can be assumed to accurately reflect future outcomes under similar circumstances.

Given that this not a purely mathematical problem, (1) does not apply.

Given that:
a) BC's previous game appeared to reflect a team specific tendency to total destruction followed by a game where they totally dominated the opposition
b) Edmonton started the season 5-0 and then imploded
c) Saskatchewan is 1-7 after making the big game 3 times out of the previous 4 seasons
d) Calgary is actually about average
We can safely conclude that absolutely nothing can be determined from past performance.

Therefore, we must assume that the laws of probability do not apply to the BC Lions and their final season stat's will appear for all intents and purposes to be completely random.

did you actually say something???

a little more meat

probability of bc finishing ahead of the riders - well done but not burnt
probability of bc finishing ahead of edmonton - medium rare
probability of bc finishing ahead of calgary - rare


Is that prediction of how well-cooked the Lions will be at season end due to the high temperature on their backsides or length of time on the grill?

The Lions are 2 and 6!
Just 2 Wins, against teams just as bad as they are.
Nothing has changed.
Yet....we have Idiots like Beagle Juice, making consistent ridiculous comments.
The O Line is still the same.
Nothing has changed.
Ya, they beat a Hurting Team, that is with out 4 or 5 of their Starters.
They beat a team, that had two new O Linemen playing for them.
Lulay was still left to run for his Life.
Lulay just got Lucky, and playing against very weak Edmonton team, made him look a lot better, that he really is.
Until the Lions permanently part ways, with Reid and Valli.....the Lions will not be going any where.
Yes......we Won.
Yes.......Bruce will certainly help.
But.........our O Line, with Pansies like Reid and Valli still on it, will be the reason that the Lions, will be going NO Where, once again.
Ya......we Killed that who you are wanting to Gauge your team by, or base ones ridiculous comments on?
We have beaten just two very Weak we have another weak team on our schedule......and we are looking at planning our Grey Cup parade, based on hopefully beating teams, just as weak and just as pathetic, as we are? LOL
Our Girly O Line, is why.......we will not ever beat a Good Team, in this League.
That is a Realistic, Prediction!

Until it turns out to be incorrect and then it isn't.


I’ve come to the conclusion that you don’t read what you write or write what is posted because there is very little consistency in your postings. Should anyone be surprised? Of course I’m not referring to your numerous postings that have been removed by the moderators on those days when all of your neurons have not connected and you launch into one of your epic irrational tirades.

Do you even take the time to try and compose an intelligent thought? I’d ask you to try and wrap your head around some of the posts on the forum here but if you did your brain would likely unravel like a roll of Charmin.

“The Lions are 2 and 6! Just 2 wins, against teams just as bad as they are.? by backer@empire

lol The Esks are as weak as the Lions? First of all I don't think you've made up your mind whether or not the Lions are all that weak but I'll say more on that later. The fact is the Esks started out 5-0! The Lions started out 0-5. Duh! Stay off the sauce before you make stupid comments like that. It might occasionally help you to put together an intelligent thought.

You predict the Lions will never beat a “good? team and yet by your own admission you have already said that B.C. not only should have beaten Calgary, Montreal and Hamilton [all good teams] earlier in the season but should have beaten them “ very easily?.

“We could have won, at least 3 of the past 4 games, very easily, if it were not for dropped balls.? by backer@empire July 23. That was written after the Lions dropped their 4th straight.

No doubt you would have included Winnipeg as a team the Lions could have "very easily" beaten had you posted 6 days later. Gee, that doesn’t leave a whole lot more teams that the Lions could easily beat does it?

You trash Valli and Reid and say the Lions need to get rid of them but then contradict yourself by saying, “Sometimes, you just have to work through the problems, and pick away at the mistakes and stand pat, with what you have. July 23.?

Good grief. Make up your mind!

I think what pretty much sums up your understanding of the CFL and the Lions’ strengths and weaknesses is when you made the following hilarious remark on July 23 to explain why the Lions have been losing:

“We are cursed!? by backer@empire July 23/11

That was profound backer@empire. Absolutely profound! Congratulations. You get the Buffoon of the Year award..... again! By the way, how many consecutive years does that make it? 5? 6? 7?

Consider passing on your assessment of the Lions misfortunes to Wally and the rest of the team management. I’m sure they’d value your “expertise? and knowledge of the game. Maybe you can become the team’s exorcist. rotflmho

Curses! With the Stampeder win today, I think we can kiss first place goodbye. But I remain cautiously optimistic about a home playoff date. Lots of football left and I like how our defense is shaping up. Three solid games in a row. I am starting to see cracks in everyone's game. I realize Montreal lost Estelle, but man was their secondary poor! Calgary's D got exposed several times today too and Burris was under seige early on.

Yep…you got that right rhymes with orange. So much for top spot by September 25 or perhaps the year. I’ll be sending Anthony Calvillo my personal disappointment on that one. That’s for sure. I was really counting on a Montreal win and they didn’t come through. Hmmm… now I’ve got to go through the calendar and pick another date but maybe it would be better to focus on the Lions finishing 2nd over all. Let’s hope Calgary sweeps their remaining games against Edmonton and Saskatchewan remains cellar dwellers. The way Calgary played they could have been had but that was not to be. I just wanna see the Lions finish 2nd so we can see one more game in B.C. Place. Of course if Calgary finished in top spot at the end of the season and the Lions win the semi in B.C. Place perhaps we’ll see a repeat of what we saw in Calgary back in '94. It was the best finish I’d ever watched. In fact I think it was the best playoff series culminating in a Grey Cup win that the Lions have ever engineered!