The Lions could all but wrap up 1st place by October 6 before some of you guys start jumping all over this post at least be willing to admit that the "possibility" to achieve this feat is there.

A Lions win against the Esks this Saturday and a win in Saskatchewan next week could all but dash any hopes of a first place finish for Edmonton and Saskatchewan given the way the latter teams have been playing. Interestingly Calgary meets both of these teams in the next two weeks. Lions fans certainly want Calgary to lose both games but the way the Esks and Roughriders have been playing of late I would not count on it so this may invalidate what I'm putting forth. But let us be optimistic if not at least dream a little.

What happens in the next two weeks will have serious implications for Lions fans. Those of us at the game may well witness the Lions seal up a first place finish when they face Calgary on October 6 at BC Place. Here's how I figure it:

If the Lions beat the Eskies this Saturday, the Roughies next Saturday and Calgary on October 6 they will have 4 games remaining. Even if the Lions were to implode and lose their remaining 4 games and Calgary won its remaing 4 games the Lions would take 1st place because the Lions would have won the Lions/Stampeders series. Calgary would take Edmonton out of contention by winning its remaining 4 games.

Caveat: There is the slight mathematical chance that Saskatchewan could be the spoiler in all of this and actually tie the Lions for total points at the end of the season by beating the Lions in their last game of the season. If they succeeded then the series would be a draw and the league would have to break the tie by looking at total points scored for during the games. The key game for the Roughies [and the Lions] would take place on October 13 against the Esks. A loss there for Saskatchewan and all things being equal would wipe out any chance of the Roughies finishing off in 1st place. All things being equal meaning the Lions winning their next 3 games and Calgary winning their remaining 4 games!

The chances of the Lions winning their next 3 games are very good in my opinion. The chances of imploding and not winning at least one of the remaining 4 games is nil in my opinion. I think by October 06 the Lions will be hosting the Western Final come playoff time!

Please check my calculations and if I've missed anything let me know. :rockin:

Here is another scenerio: Saskatchewan sweeps BC in their remaining two games. They keep pace with BC, and BC loses one extra game somewhere along the way taking away a BC home playoff game.

The last 6 weeks of last year were crazy, could happen this year as well.'ve just jinxed your team beaglehound, you do know that eh?...

Last time I suggested they could end up in 1st Place was when the Lions were 0-5 back in the fall of 2011. Guess what? :cowboy:

Let's take it one game at a time

Week one of two critical weeks has been completed and the universe is unfolding as we had hoped:

  1. The Lions beat the Esks!
  2. Saskatchewan beat Calgary!

Next week we want to see the Lions demolish the Roughriders and the Esks to beat Calgary. This will set up a fabulous meeting on Oct 06 between Calgary and BC.

...what is with this 'we' crapola? unless you're part of the House of Windsor

The corporate "we" as in all Lions fans. I would hope all Lions fans are hoping for the same thing. I'm sorry Red and White that "your" team lost :frowning: They almost pulled if off.

...weren't good enough today, and the riders were better than they were before...

Are Lions fans trying to supplant Rider fans as the most obnoxious in the league?

Last time I checked the CFL doesn't crown a champion until November 5.

I hope not. lol. It is all speculation Voice. All speculation. I'm trying to keep the dream alive until it is a reality. It is just that the reality might come as soon as Octobober 06. :smiley:
As far a "crowning" any champions goes most Lions fans already crowned the Lions as Grey Cup Champions for 2012 before the season began. Forget about 1st Place champions. It is what is it! :rockin:

If BC continues to play like they just did in Edmonton..they won't be going anywhere but home..empty handed.

BC has a excellent chance of finishing first in a tough division. This is a worthy goal that many teams aspire to achieve in any league.

The Lions are clearly the best team in the league. That's not in dispute. And I wouldn't be at all surprised to see them lock up first place quite early, provided they stay healthy.

Who cares when they get 1st place wrapped up? Actually I think that you would be better off having meaningful games down the stretch to keep everyone on top of their game. You wrap it up early and start playing safe it isn't always that easy to turn that intensity back on. Good luck to you Beaglehound in your quest but I wouldn't count on those wins against the Riders as sure things.

Thanks Dusty. You are absolutely right. No game in the CFL is a sure thing. I thought the Eskies/Lions game was going to be a sure thing. I was wrong. The Lions prevailed…but just.

Your point is valid about wrapping up 1st place too soon but the flip side of that is that while there is merit to keeping at the top of your game [as long as top spot is up for grabs] there is a greater chance of your best players going down with injury and there is also less opportunity to allow existing injuries to heal.