The Lion Sleeps tonight

Oskee-Wee-Mo-Weh ,Wee-Mo-Weh....

If the Lions win huge tonight and the Tiger Cats can not establish a running game, I sure hope the coaching staff insert Cuttino, remove Mo Man, use Cobb as a backup or even as a slot back. The Lions have something to prove and the Tiger Cats normally do not do well in BC. I would like to remain optimistic, however the Mo Man tweets and the failure to fix the run game along with the suspect play calling could make this game a blow out. It's all about preparation and creating opportunities man to man. Regarless of the outcome I will be watching and hoping for the best. I am not sure why Toronto can insert Foley so quick and the Tiger Cats find a way to not use Baggs or Cuttino.

I agree with you in the case of Baggs. After stoking him a cheque for $50G's this week, they're going to give another 5 just to watch tonight, when you'd expect he'd be able to contribute more than Gibbs or, a likely not fully healed, McIntyre.

Cuttino would have a lot more to learn, to be ready, than a rush end and getting him in would require sitting either Cobb or Thigpen. So I can understand why that ain't happenin'.

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Oskee wee mo weh - I'm stayin up tonight

In the stands there are no fans
The Lions sleep tonight... :stuck_out_tongue: