The Lingerie Football League getting a video game ...

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It looks like the Lingerie Football League is getting a video game, and the CFL can't?? I call bulls#$t

...the 12 to 17 year old male demographic sales figures cannot be ignored

Hope they put a funny twist on that game. Like girls losing clothing when you do a power up tackle.


I wonder how much it would cost to make a tablet game? On the Blackberry Playbook, there are a couple football games; madden 12 and backbreaker vengeance. maybe it wouldn't be too expensive for the CFL to partner with a game developer to produce a game for the PlayBook, ipad and android tablets?
It could be an inexpensive way to produce a game, as the game would not be expected to have the most cutting-edge graphics.

Tablet/mobile games are pretty limited. The one's you've mentioned are quite awful. I don't think it would do the league justice to release a crappy tablet/mobile game.