The lines

Doesnt anyone on here know that the battles are won in the trenches?
Games are won or lost on the lines.
This isnt an oppinion , it is the fact. Now I have another question.
Why then do fans get on the quarterbacks when they are not being protected as they should?
Good lines take some time to build and they have to have the chemistry. We havent gotten to that point yet IMO , but I think we are half way there, so it saddens me to see fans get down on a quarterback that is running for his life.
We’ ve chased some good players from our teams here
e.g., Anthony Calvillo, Tom Clemmons,and the list goes on and on.
Guess what I am saying, is that we now have a good nucleous and are in better shape no than we have ever been, and it would be a shame to some young athlete go and star on another team when he started here first.
I for one, would not want to play against casey printers with a good line in front of him. He is a very talented individual, and has proven himself
in this league.He is a fearce competator with good quarterbacking skills.
It wouldnt be a bad idea to have him play with the same recievers each week too.
However, one win makes this all go away, and I cannt wait to see what 2 wins in a row would do. have a nice day all.

Question for you.

How long should a good Offensive line be able to protect their QB?

Pretty much all game. :lol:

Id have to say longer then the 1 steamboat we get from this line

uh, yeah, i'm pretty sure "anyone" does.

Longer than Hamilton's O-line does right now. But it's not just the O-line's fault. Yes, some of it is protection scheme and execution, but poor playcalling from the O.C. and inexperienced receivers who don't help out their QB are also to blame.

Who is your O-line coach, BTW? What are his credentials?

CFL is a QB dominant league.
That is why people talk about the QB play so much.