The lines

Both offense and defensive lines played their best game of the season and as a result Maas was able to regain some much needed confidence. Our recievers on the other hand need serious upgrading. Peterson is a back up at best and their should be a huge improvement when Hill starts to play. One last note, I was not impressed with Davis he seems to very slow for a small back.
The future looks bright under Dejardardins.

Did anyone else see this "heads-up" play by Woodard?.....there was an occasion that the referee whistled the play dead just as it was starting. Maas was back in his passing stance but everyone stopped....except some jerk from Edmonton who may have decided it was a good opportunity to take a cheap shot at Maas.....Woodard saw it and met him just in time and sent the guy reeling (I honestly can't be sure who it was on Edmonton....a defensive end maybe?)

At any rate, good on Woodard for keeping his head in the game after the whistle and making sure he still protected our QB....

The Edmonton guy was sure sent a message by Woodard :lol:


The Oline in particular has been greatly improved since Coach Sal took over.

One thing I noticed watching Hervey and Tucker is that we don't have a big receiver. Flick is great, but height has certain advantages and aggression helps win battles for the ball.

Good thread, Leo1.

On the defensive line, the play of Steve Josue, particularly in the final minute of the game, was very impressive. He showed excellent speed to start a pass rush from his left defensive end position and then get all the way over to the right side of the field to catch Ricky Ray and force that crucial fumble.

Defensive tackles Roger Dunbrack, Clinton Wayne and Bernard Holsey also played a good game.

The performance of the Ticat offensive line has improved over the past three games. I concur with Ockham that a good share of the credit can be given to interim offensive line coach John Salavantis. The return of Jonta Woodard has also been a plus. Lastly, Wayne Smith was a clear upgrade at right offensive tackle last night until the injury to left guard George Hudson required Smith to return to the guard position.