The Line Shuffle 2 step!

Oh Man I loved that! :thup:
Never seen that before, very creative

A definite advantage having O'Neill in at guard, who's also the backup centre. Gives teams in the future something more to have to prepare against.

The 52 Min. mark if you want another look

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Yes! Thanks Grover. i forgot about that!

I didn`t realize they did it twiwe in a row.

Great job by Gable to seal the end of the D-line on the TD.

I love the previous play when Lawrence intercepted the ball, and then made a move on Kackert who then took out Inman. Funny.

I loved the "Line Shuffle".
Very creative...the blue team D seemed completely off balance when it happened.
How long will it be before another team tries it?

The "line shuffle" reminded me of the 60's when the O-line of the Dallas Cowboys (under Tom Landry) would go half way down to their stance and then stand up...then go back to their stance. During this time the running backs changed their positions.
I think the idea of the line standing up was to shield the view of the running backs so the other defence did not have time to react.
Landry was a tough customer as a coach but was always ready to innovate. A lot of stuff that is common today like the flex defence and the shotgun were innovations started by Landry.

I thought it was great also. Prior to this season, I had seen the “unbalanced line” Calgary tried to use earlier this season, but I don’t think I’ve seen the line shift before. Anyone recall seeing this in any other game?


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Thanks. :thup: