The lies continue !

Jason Mass will never be the player he was in Edmonton and that is why they traded him to Hamilton.I am tired of the lies that Jason is not permentaly injured,his no frills performance speaks for itself. A true leader speaks with his play on the field, this coverup of his injurys does not help anyone and it hurts his teamates .All of his passes were the safe, useless ones.He ignores his wide recievers and he does not put us in a position to win the game.The opposing defences crash the line of scrimmage, knowing that Mass cant throw it over them and it makes it very difficult for Jesse to run the ball, with everyone keying on him.Jason is lying to himself buy thinking he can play hurt and lead our ticats to victory!We were 4 and 14 last year with Jason playing the same way again last night,Jason has had enough time to prove us wrong.What do we have to lose by playing Chang or Ritchie Williams, why cant we give these two a chance and lets see what happens?

cut maas right away, kep the young guys at QB, this is a yong roster anyways, so why not start a young QB who has a lively arm. It makes no sense to have a QB at the end of his career playing with a bunch of rookies. IF the hometown boys can be cut, maas can be cut.


You guys want to hear some good news about this QB ISSUE

yup what do ya have?

Here is the Good News, folks

In a few games Jason will develop a feel for the new Offence
and a feel for for each receiver and he'll be in sync with them.

It has been obvious from the first practice
that he is throwing much better this year

He has confidence in his throwing ability.

That is the main thing he was lacking last year.

How's that for good news, eh?

Ron,what game were you watching?

'In a few games Jason will develop a feel for the new Offence'... I thought that's what Training Camp was for. Timmy seems to have got a feel for the offence pretty quickly.

'He has confidence in his throwing ability'..
If that's true, then he's in a class by himself.

Sorry, buddy, the GOOD news will come when he realizes that he just isn't getting the job done.

Gimme a freakn break, cut him now so we can win more than 4 games this year...Maas is and never will be the player he was, maybe we can swing a good deal for somebody, well actually maybe a waterboy, or a practice towel.... which ever just get rid or him...

What bothers me most about the game was that even Mass's completed passes were, for the most part, poor passes. I don't blame Brock for the fumble in the endzone, the pass was high and behind him, by the time he reached back to get it and then secure it he got nailed. If the pass was on target he would have at least had a chance to make a play. Check all the rest of Mass's passes, none that I can recall was on the money. Lumsden had to pull down almost every catch he made.
I am sick of watching Mass. I did not expect the Cats to win Saturday. I just wanted them to be competitive. Mass took any competitiveness right out of them.
For those who say it's too early to give Chang a shot at starting, I say wake up. This is not a kid out of high school. He's proven what he can do every time he has stepped on the field for the Cats. he's got confidence and he can run this offence. What's the worst that can happen, we lose an exciting game? It's better than losing the way we have.
Time for Chang to start.

I'm thinking...give Mass the start for one more game,maybe two...if he doesn't produce..then start Chang..
Maas actually might be better coming off the bench if Chang doesn't do well ..

If, and I say if, the Cats go 0 and 4 Mass is done like dinner, and will be benched, traded or even released.

From what I saw in Calgary, 0 and 4 looks like a sure thing.

So sad, too bad ........ :x

When do you open at Yuk Yuks, Ron? I don't care if he finds it. He's not the future. He's a geezer. Let's look to the future and develop that. Maas is a loser.

You hit the nail on the head.

Jason Maas is damaged goods.

Maybe we can trade him to the Arena league for an old Gatorade container.

2 posts and both of them are agenda here at all. :roll: Welcome to the site.

I love the conspiracy theorists. I have NO DOUBT in my mind that if Taaffe thought Maas was not going to return to Edmonton form he would no longer be here or he'd be riding the bench at the very least. I'm willing to give him at least until the end of game 2 to "gel" with his receivers before I nail him to the cross. :roll: :wink:

Ron,you cannot compare what a player does in pratice to a real live game.The Game is where the proof is and Jason Maas is done ,(nothing personal Jason)I buy my tickets to see professional football,not Professional excuses!Coach Taffe wont waste to much more time with him,Timmy chang has already shown more in one drive and one quarter of a preseason game, than Maas has shown us all of last year and in 3 1/2 quartes Sat night.!

In a few games Jason will develop a feel for the new Offence and a feel for for each receiver and he'll be in sync with them.
Ron, as much as I hate butting heads with you, a CALM, CEREBRAL, COOL man - you are really STRETCHING here ...

This is what TC and Pre-Season is for. Keep in mind - EVERY team has a NEW OC this season ... and ALL but the Cats and Montreal scored more than 1 TD ...

I'm not sure who said it, but - EXCUSES are for LOSERS.


Exactly, Burris never played in that system before and never played with Mark B before and yet they were able to move the ball with ease against us.

Maas may still return to form some day, but I dont see it happening anytime soon.
He is still recovering from the surgery and it was wishful thinking on everyone's part to hope he would be ready to go for the start of the season.
Timmy is obviously our best option right now, throw him in there! He could end up having his share of struggles too, but atleast he will also be gaining the experience needed to be a great QB in this league. And who knows, maybe he hits the ground running and locks himself into the starting role for th next 10 years or so.
In the meantime, Jason has to keep building up the arm strength and confidence needed to be a QB in the CFL. When he is 100%, give him the chance to steal the job back, but dont just hand it to him.