The Legendary Damon Allen

Look, I don’t mean to be rude here, but I think Allen is, in all honesty, overrated. He does not deserve to be in the Pro Football (NFL) Hall of Fame. Most quarterbacks don’t take 21 years to get a 5,000 yard passing season. Funny how he talks to reporters after he sets records and mysteriously disappears after bad games. From somewhere, Allen has crafted some kind of reputation for being a big game quarterback. Let’s look at his spotless record in the last six years then:

2006: Gets pulled in East semifinal, final, in favour of Michael Bishop.

2005: Argos lose 33-17; blow big early lead.

2004: Allen is magnificent, able to outplay the likes of Ted White (sarcastic) to get to the Grey Cup and win.

2003: Allen gets hurt, Michael Bishop steps in and nearly wins the East Final.

2002: Allen puts up an amazing three points with B.C. in the West Semi-Final. Loses by 27; 30-3.

2001: Allen’s Lions lose 28-19 to Calgary in the West semifinal.

Yes, definitely a “big-game? quarterback.

You know, Calvillo has taken a lot of flack, some of it deserved, for being a choker. But you know something: he’s won every east final in the last five years where he was healthy (was injured early in the second half in 2004). Maybe Calvillo isn’t so bad.

One final thought though: Ticats GM Marcel Desjardins accused some of his players of deliberately trying to get certain coaches fired. That’s terrible.
Now, look at this:

According to this, Allen was doing his best to get Kent Austin fired! Apparently he was whining to team brass about it!

Anyways, he's lost again.

allen does have a record, but that doesn't mean he belongs in the pro football hall of fame, they guy didnt dominate the game and change the way it was played, you dont even hear about kids growing up in canada that dream about being the next allen. Honestly, im sick and tired of hearing about this guy and its time to move on, if he is such a legened how come he hides and runs away from the media when the going gets tough, this guy is a joke, he can take his record and shove it up his butt. Ive been to many argos games and sat in the seats behind the bench, and everybody watching the sidelines gets the impression that many guys on the team dont even like him, he is smug and arrogant and many players avoid him on the sidelines.

Early on, Damon was very exciting because of his mobility. I think that your points about talking to media are unfair, noone wants to talk after a loss. He's done what noone else has done and that puts him into an elite class. He's not my favourite, never has been, but he doesn't deserve the over-rated label. Come to think of it, if he was so difficult with the media, how come they're making such a big deal of him?

Danny McManus springs to mind as someone who talked to the media after a loss.

this thread is nothing more then a ticat fan throwing darts at the QB of the arch-rival team...

mostly in jealousy that his team continues to suck season after season, while the argos are in the east final year after year...

and the 4 ticat losses to the argos this season didnt make u feel any less bitter.

Rob35 said"Danny McManus springs to mind as someone who talked to the media after a loss".

Let's face it...if he didn't, he wouldn't say much at all...ever.

since the topic seems to be the same

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What exactly are you saying is false about what I said? All the information is accurate, maybe handled subjectively, but accurate nonetheless.

Argo fans seem to be saying some similar things about Damon right now too.
What does the Ticats being rotten have to do with Damon Allen being overrated? I don't see a correlation.
I know the Ticats are bad, and have been bad for about five years. I will not deny that.
The purpose of this thread is merely to state that Allen's reputation as a big-game quarterback may be slightly overrated, and Anthony Calvillo maybe takes more criticism than he deserves.
If you're going to bash Ticat fans for saying an Argo player is overrated, then, these boards serve little purpose. If that is the case, all Winnipeg fans are thus forbidden to say any Saskatchewan players are overrated, because Saskatchewan has been more successful the last few years.
Edmonton fans are forbidden to say Henry Burris is overrated because they missed the playoffs.

honestly, if the argos are serious at a run for the greycup, they need a legit QB and have to stop wasting money on big name players that cant their system like andre rison, rj soward, john avery, etc.

The argos need a offensive coordinator who can build a dynamic offence around the talent he has, and they must spend money on a QBs coach who can tutor and help develop young QBs.