The Legacy of the Euro Super League Continues - PL Match Cancelled

Oh well, quiet Sunday morning in May and like many looking forward to a good match on a Sunday morning, and well, protests in Manchester at Old Trafford and then by now if you are a fan of the PL you have heard the rest.

We'll see what comes out of this.

It looked to me like the protests were hijacked by perhaps more than mere fans in the second and third waves, and such action is common with any given protest seeded later with any given agent provacateur or rogue actors.

But there were some signs of clear organization and planning in each wave, so was there a mastermind group behind all the waves?

Of course I am asking the questions as are others, but I don't see why after the first invasion of Old Trafford any more needed to be done inside so as to send the message of protest with already enough done literally on the ground already done.

Play easily could have carried back on after a delay with the protests back outside, but I reckon that by then perhaps the movement was hijacked by causes beyond fandom including in my humble opinion of a political root.

The scene broadcast around the world was an ugly statement on English football that called forth historic images of hooliganism. It was not long after I heard NBCSN lead Rebecca Lowe use the term and rightly so.

Some are too young to remember that the teams in the FA were banned from European play after a disaster at the Heysel Stadium in Brussels for the European Cup Final between Juventus and Liverpool. The band endured until 1990 plus an additional year for Liverpool.

In the aftermath of the fall of the European Super League, though there have been protests outside all stadiums ever since, nobody other than perhaps a few involved saw this coming for the protests to disrupt actual play.

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