The League sends in the fix.

I can't believe that the city of Edmonton no longer cares about their eskimos...but after a weekend when the league sent in the fix and a ref threw a flag before a hold was even committed... the fans have quietly gone into that good night.
I have never seen the spirits so low in Edmonton for their Eskimos. Friends who have been faithful for decades are bailing on the team... and NOT RENEWING.

Even in the dark days of the 60's the team was still loved. But Danny has been able to kill the passion in three years. Montreal has always been our enemy...I just never would have dreamed that their ultimate weapon to destroy the franchise in Edmonton would come in the form of a coach.

So the league gets their wish...they forced Ottawa out...and are driving Edmonton to the basement.

It's time to forget the dream of the CFL and cheer for the NFL. Go Toronto Bills Go!

I think the Eskimos will survive. As far as Ottawa goes there was no fan support that was thier demise. Don't kid yourself the Eskimo fans are pissed at yet another horribly time questionable reffing call. But people move on. Sounds like you have too!

...even if 5,000 wishy-washy edmonton fans didn't renew their season tickets the EEs would still have the highest ST fan base in the country...the EEs will not be going extinct anytime soon....

The ultimate in sore losers.

  1. The flag was not thrown before the hold.....I posted a pick to prove it.
  2. If there was a fix, why did they allow it to get so close in the first place??????????????????

What a bunch of crap. You have a couple of bad seasons, and thats it; Lights out. What a joke. So YOU got jobbed on a call. I am a Rider fan, and we have been jobbed for years. Stop being a suck!!!

Hmm, I wasn't aware of this sudden mass exodus, or at least, it hasn't been noted on the Esks message board or in the newspaper. I'll have to decide what do to myself. Of course, if I don't renew for a second year, it'd only be because it'd be cheaper on me to go back to the 15 dollar section where i've largely sat the last several years whenever i've gone to games. But I kinda liked the stability of a season seat for two reasons: 1), there seems to be less commotion and rowdiness in the lower deck at Commonwealth, since ST holders are there to watch football, not to get drunk and make fools out of themselves; and 2) it reminds me to get out of my chair and actually go to all the games, something I hadn't done before this year. Maybe i'll even spend the extra 50 bucks to move from section D (25-30 yd line) into section E (35-40 yd line). I'll have to see what my student finances are.

On a related point, I wasn't aware that renewals happened so early, thought it was more around February of the new year. So how does anyone know that Esks ST-holders are actually jumping ship???

I am being a HUGE troll in this EE forum right now, I better take my trash talking ways out to the main forum before a mod finds me doing this.

…yup, you got that right…

They either went to Turkeybend's School of Creative writting, or bought a Crystal Ball at the dollar store.

All good re-buttals KristjanCFL!

wow.. an Esky faithful has abandoned already :open_mouth:

i'm totally shocked. you miss 2 years in a row and you're already giving up....

try going 11 in a row, then give me a call.

Wah, wah, wah!

Update: I was renewed by my Dad for next year (christmas present). So presumably at least some of the Esks fans around here will be joining me for next season - i'd hate to be the lone person in the stands....

OK, as someone who was there on that cold night, IT WAS A HOLD! I hate to say but it was. As for all these so called eskimos fans that are not renewing their season tickets, you are not a true fan. Hell, 2007 was the first year I owned season tickets and the moment I found out I could renew my tickets I called up the Esks office and did so (A week after the last home game)! I am from Vancouver and grew up loving the BC Lions, BUT I can honestly say now that during this past season the green and gold grew on me and I can honestly say that I am now a bigger fan of the Eskimos than the Lions. Yeah the Eskimos didn't have a great year, yeah I know people are still calling for Macocias head but like cflisthebest suggested it could be worse. Guess what? He's right! And as for KristjanCFL, don't worry! My wife and I will be their with your family along with about 40000 more per game in 2008.

Long live the Canadian Football League and LONG LIVE THE EDMONTON ESKIMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

40k per game.... I'd love that, but its a tall order considering we only had 40k at the LD rematch, and thats our big draw against Calgary!

I do confess to being a member of the 'Fire Maciocia!' group on Facebook.

I wouldn’t mind seeing him go, either. But if he does still hold the locker room, all we can do is give him one more chance.

Machocia just needs some help, Paopao, Kuharic,Barrett are a few that come to mind....... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

If you need any help covincing these candidates to join the Eskies just let me know. I'm a helpful kinda guy! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Coach K is a wonder! I wonder how he got into this profession. I would not wish that on the Eskimos even being a Stamp fan.