The Leafs and their fans are why the Argos are on the ropes.

The Leafs just won tonite but yet again no playoffs. I was talking to this guy at Union station. He's gone to the Jays home opener.

I take an intrest about asking people about the CFL now and then, just to see.

So I ask this guy about the 100th grey cup and the Argos. He laughed, saying the CFL is minor league. It only eight teams, and 6 of them make the playoffs. He goes on to say it's the "Canadian Mentality" to allow everyone to make the playoffs,

I point out he is cheering for a team that has not made the playoffs in 8 years. My team, the Red Wings, is going to the playoffs once again. I let him know this, but he still would rather support the Leafs and his other teams. (the Lakers in the NBA and the Jays and Minnesota Vikings.)

Point? The Leafs and their fans are part of the problem. As much as we complain about be a "wannabe american" These fans would rather support 40 years with no cup. And while I point out the fact he loves the Vikings(lol) he still puts his hockey above everything.

So how are the Argos supposed to compete with the hockey only mentality of most eastern Canadians. They only love hockey followed by their american teams. I am not singling out my city, this is a problem in Quebec City and Halifax for sure.

Truth is this in Canada, one sport country that whines about failing at the olympics.

I find it hilarious that the Leafs have never played a playoff game in HD.

Go Sens Go

On a on topic note, I think one of the problems is how the CFL is marketed to young people

Domi, Roberts, Berg were all leafs last time. NCIS was only 20 episodes in and Rick Mercer was on this hour still.

The average age of a CFL fan is 50+ so you are right.

I'm a first year university student in Ottawa, and I have noticed that basically everyone else my age (in Ottawa, not Calgary where I am from) is more interested in NFL. I think it would have to do with marketing. You would think American marketing directed towards Canada would be mainly in Southern Ontario

To each his own, give me free tickets to a Leafs game or any CFL game and it's a no brainer, CFL game all the way. Don't worry about what other people think, love what you love. I give Leaf fans credit for loving that team that's for sure. :wink:

Ask the guy if he thinks the Stanley Cup winners are worthy when the NHL had 6 teams and if the Leafs championships then mean anything and see what this goof ball thinks and the other goof balls that say dumb things like that.

I like how the CFL has "only" a few teams

League parity is much better, and pretty well every fan will get to see their team in a grey cup in their life time

I would love it if the league had at least 16 teams, but its not feasible, not in my lifetime, and maybe not this century. So it therefore becomes a non issue to me and I will take the league as it is and enjoy it fully

I'm not seeing your correlation at all.

The Leafs are a problem for the Argos, because Leaf fans support their team without having won a championship for 40yrs?

So you suggest fans should stop supporting the Leafs until they win a championship? And do what - - support the Jays? Support the Raptors? Support the soccer team?

The reality is, if the Leafs folded tomorrow you wouldn't see much of an increase in ticket sales for ANY of the other Toronto teams.

Toronto is a garbage sports town. If there's a new stadium or a new team, people will show up for a few years for the novelty factor and then you won't be able to give tickets away.

Saying that you like the NFL over the CFL is easy to say.
There are many so called NFL fans who have never paid to see an NFL game in their life.
Watching something on T.V. for FREE doesn't make you a fan of anything except for your T.V.
YES , T.V. ratings are important and the CFL is the second most watched sport in Canada every year.
More Canadians buy CFL game tickets [by far] than they buy NFL game tickets.

The NFL is a victim of it's own success. Even though they have so many teams the same group of teams keep winning the Superbowl. The problem that the NFL is now facing is that many teams lose their first 5 or so games and they are already out of the play offs. Why then should fans go to the rest of the games? The NFL is very good at hiding their empty seats but there are a lot more than there used to be. Just look at the NFL teams in , Florida.

Toronto , is a hockey town. First.
Toronto hockey fans are dumb. They would get a better hockey team if their fans would stop filling up the ACC every home game. :roll:

The CFL is on a roll.

Many CFL teams turned a profit in , 2011.
Calgary , has a great new partner.
The 2012 Grey Cup is almost sold out. We should see a small turn around in Southern Ontario this year.

Just because you ask certain people what they think of the CFL doesn't make it true and / or sides with the facts.

I really don't see the point of these DOOM and GLOOM threads.

What people in Toronto should be saying when talking about sports to a guy in Edmonton or Hamilton etc. is we have won more Grey Cups than you haha so there, rather than some "CFL only has 8 teams and too many make the playoffs". But then many Torontonians for that matter don't have the ability to understand or comprehend the concept of pride in a Canadian iconic trophy like the Grey Cup and pride in being the national football champs of Canada.

You would think Phil Lind types would want to be sure to see that Toronto kept their ranking as the city with the team with the most Grey Cups rather than going around trashing the CFL but then I don't think Phil quite understands the concept of pride either for something that is right under his belt in his own city.


yes, the additional of a few teams to the league would be ideal although aside from feasible locales such as Quebec City, Halifax/Moncton and the forthcoming Ottawa franchise, the list is very murky and uncertain.

A Western Ontario franchise may be a remote possibility...

Either way, an 11-12 team efficacy appears to be the upper limit for the next 20 years or so.

Yes. I'm saying they should go support the Argos, because they win.

Earl you know why I am here, but let's be honest, despite the lack of sellouts, the market has no flocked to the CFL either. Rogers can still call it a semi sucess (and they would be right) despite the money lost because of the attendance numbers. Lind is doing what the people want.

To be honest I am surprised Ford bros have not called the Vikings over their arena situation. They need a win.

Oh please.
On their own the Raptors would be dead.
Everybody knows they sell tickets for peanuts or basically give them away.
Also Leaf fans are forced to buy basketball seats.
Without the Leafs, the Raptors are deader then the Grizzlies and Expos.

And if the Argos win, they will draw.
It was just three years ago they drew 50,000 for a playoff game against Winnipeg.
This year with an exciting team they will average 30,000 a game.

The lack of interest in the Argos come from your msiguided media.
They don’t like the CFL, so they won’t cover it.

That TSN Reporters show is a prime example
Filled with the usual Tranna dinosaurs who think that we care what is going to happen
with the Minntesota Timberwolves, while ignoring Ricky Ray going to the Argos.

Like I say, you would think the sports people with money in Toronto would have a lot of pride to see that their team retains the honour of having the most GC wins and be very proud of that, Phil Lind included.

The NFL doesn't like the RC and for every phone call Ford makes, Goodell will make 2 to be sure an NFL team doesn't land in Toronto unless they build a football specific nice stadium. The way it is.

The tables could also flip the other way very quickly as well Earl.

If the CFL garners large ratings, adjacent with a tremendously successful Grey Cup in Toronto this year, you may see Rogers/Bell/Lind (and possibly the Ford clan) etc etc reverse positions, especially regarding Argo or other CFL ownership stakes.

I wouldn't be surprised to see active interest from these corporate groups if all goes well with the CFL in the next few years, which may also help increase league health, stability. and future expansion.

Fix your reading comprehension. If the people don't want to hear why would they cover it? Think here. The Media is a symptom of the city not the cause.

The media in your city covers what they want to.
Prime example?

This supposed NCAA March "madness"
The Globe ran story after headline story on this thing.
It barely ever got one comment.

Yet they kept on pumping it.
Like who cared?
TV ratings proved that glaringly

Most of your writers think covering the CFL is beneath them.
Even though most of your writers wouldn't know a tight end from a cheerleader

And when has anyone in the GTA complained about it? No one. There is bias (Pro HOCKEY THEN EVERYTHING ELSE bias) but the market has spoken. The CFL has a people problem.

And March madness did well in betting. CFL never does. That's why they want the NFL too.