The Latest Topics icon link

I’m good with that.

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done. yes i actually like it better too.

reload to refresh all settings

Yup, love it. :+1: :+1:

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also, using the single comment bubble icon instead of the double one that looks like a chat icon (which was the original) is much better :wink:


i dislike all those icons and find them cluttered. i prefer menu's that slide or drop down.

The button on the left to go back to our home page just keeps getting smaller and smaller, eh?

i haven’t changed any icon sizes. but the search one should really be the only one up there. the icon buttons are redundant and all navigation links can/ should be accessible via the drop-down hamburger or user menus.

i added a help desk link but that too is/ should be on the menu.

the existing hamburger menu will eventually be replaced by a user-customizable dynamic sidebar menu that users can set up their own links on. the user menu will also be much better too.

i did add theme selectors to the existing legacy hamburger menu so it’s easier to switch between themes. removed the link to a non-existent FAQ, which i will replace later when we have one.

the point of the top icon buttons is so users can navigate with them from any post anywhere (the top header bar remains in place when you scroll in a topic thread).but that is already possible via the two drop down menus, with the exception of link and search function. even the logo link back to categories is redundant.

most of the top icons are also links here or can be put here:

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correction - i did make the top bar elements a little bit smaller and more spread out in the new Grey Light theme.