The Latest Topics icon link

Of those, lightning bolt says new best to me. I'm glad you were able to think of some options because I'm not.

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still not super crazy about the football but it works for now. there is a football helmet icon but it doesn't look great, at least not as good as the football.

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Without trying to think of any other icons the lightning bolt may be the best of the ones you mention. If possible perhaps you can post a few possibilities or someone else can?

Frankly I have no problem with the existing icon. It’s not entirely without relevance as pushing it leads you to new conversations.


i just need 1.21 GIGAWATTS!

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Flux capacitor for "Newest/Latest Posts" icon? No, the flux capacitor would be more for "Future Posts". I kind of like the lightning bolt or an exclamation mark.

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trying out the lightning bolt icon instead of the chat bubble icon for Latest filter (topics with most recent activity).

any comments or feedback appreciated.

you will likely have to refresh

Looks good!

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Meh either way. As long as it’s there.

i knew this would be your comment on this lol

But I like the football and it has the proper stripes too, which we should always keep no matter what.

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Be careful what you wish for on that front for sure.

I feel also that such an exhaustive exercise for multiple other options would inspire the makings of a disastrous site poll too.

so i just set the lightning bolt to go to NEW topics and put the comment icon back set to go to LATEST, just so you guys can see both icons and decide. i actually have some other ideas on how to lay it out.

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This is great work. These things come in due time with such forward progress. First down.

As the classified work in the CFL Forum Laboratories continues at a prudent yet more relaxed pace now that it is spring or almost spring for most here, I have to wonder when the lightning icon can double also as a feature so that we can zap any given commenter for a timeout / mute on those special occasions too?

Embrace the potential future here at the CFL Forum.

i feel like this should be it's true purpose

or perhaps a hot pepper or flamethrower or hazmat icon lol

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i also streamlined the existing legacy hamburger menu a bit. no link to an empty FAQ for example lol. and more default categories.

I thought you were the king of site polls no?

But seriously, it’s not a biggie. I prefer the football over the lightning actually.

Since it’s the button I use the most and it takes you to the threads in the main board, would it be crazy to suggest we use :thread: or something similar?

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you want to use a sewing thread icon? i was actually leaning towards removing the lightning altogether and going back to the bubble and the football.

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Oh well, back to the lab with the lightning to figure out how to repurpose it for zapping then?

I'm sure CFL Forum Labs will figure out something good and/or prudently harsh.

there's no decent matching sewing thread icon. there's a cool toilet paper roll icon though.