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As of right now, Ed Hervey is in the lead for the open GM job in Edmonton. Kavis Reed will also have a strong shot at the job, but no one is even thinking about the job. Its all about playoffs currently. But Kavis will not give up his coaching job for the postion. So it will likely be Hervey over Reed. Warren Moon is not a serious consideration. I would even say Dwayne Ford and Matt Dunigan are long shots as well.

As of right now, runningback Jerome Messam is going to be the odd man out next season. His "im not healthy" excuses are taxing some of the Eskimos and with Hugh Charles & Corey Boyd currently out playing him. I wouldnt be shocked to see Jerome traded in the offseason. Its all down to money. And from what i have heard, Messam is scheduled to make $175,000 to upwards of $250,000 next year. Thats alot. Now if he has a 2011 year all over, then okay. But not a 2012 year. In all fairness this season is a write off for Messam. But its going to be tough for him in 2013. If Edmonton gets an offer of a 1st round pick in the 2013 draft. Say goodbye.

As of right now, the Edmonton Eskimos have MAJOR freeagents to resign in this offseason. Lets hope they can get these guys signed: JC Sherritt, Marcus Howard, Grant Shaw, and many more (upwards of 15 current starters).

NOTE I wouldnt be shocked to see Marcus Howard try for the NFL one last time.

As of right now, the Edmonton Eskimos will start RB Corey Boyd at runningback. If Hugh Charles can improve off his practise today, he will get the start. Jerome Messam may be hitting the pressbox.

As of right now, the Edmonton Eskimos will likely start Matt Nichols at QB vs the Argos. I still think Joseph is the starter. But we shall see in two days time.

NOTE Jason Gregor made a key statement today. He said Kavis Reed came out right away and named Joseph the starter for the last game vs Calgary (before Hamilton lost). The reason Reed hasnt come right out and said anything is because Nichols is starting. Which imo would take alot of pressure off Nichols. Both QB's will see playing time anyways.

As of right now, i can say Jim Barker will be the GM next year for the Toronto Argos. For all those people who honestly think Tillman traded Ricky Ray to the Argos because we was going to end up their, your not that smart. Tillman cried when he was fired from Edmonton. He had a 5 year plan and wanted an extention. So this media story of Tillman to Toronto is nothing but BS.

As of right now, the reason alot of Edmonton Eskimo's staff so called "cheered" when Tillman was fired.. is because Tillman is a football guy. He wants whats best for the team ON THE FIELD. He does NOT CARE about half time shows, etc. Thats why Len Rhodes and most of the staff who were SO HAPPY about this move are idiots. Rhodes knows ZIP about football. And to say he doesnt like Tillmans future plans for the Eskimos... its funny. Because if Rhodes was incharge, we'd probably have 3rd/4th grade talent. Just like his LAME half time shows!

And thats the latest.. for now. :cowboy:

...all bullcrap

All bullcrap? So Ed Hervey isnt in the running, ahead of Kavis Reed? Boyd isnt starting ahead of Messam? Charles starts if healthy? Nichols starts over Joseph? Sherritt, Howard, Shaw are free agents? Barker returns as Argos GM? etc etc... its all from the Kavis Reed show, Jason Gregor Show, TSN via Twitter etc. Listen to the podcasts. None of this is bullcrap. So dont waste my time with your comments RedandWhite.

Or perhaps stick to whether or not Tate will throw up another playoff stinker in Calgary.

Hey cfl some of your posts are very good we may agree to disagree on the Tillman firing but I wonder if you may have some access from the inside. Seems like you just joined the forums but have a good handle on the Eskimo football team :wink:

Shhhh dont tell :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey cfl some of your posts are very good we may agree to disagree on the Tillman firing but I wonder if you may have some access from the inside. Seems like you just joined the forums but have a good handle on the Eskimo football team :wink:

Confirmed: Hugh Charles starts at Runningback. Corey Boyd and Jerome Messam all expected to dress.

*I would think Charles/Boyd play RB, while Messam plays FB and Special Teams.

**Charles hinted toward Matt Nichols starting at QB for the Eskimos.


I don't understand why we would dress 3 running backs when we hardly run the ball. :roll:

We run the ball to take the pressure off starting QB Matt Nichols. Jerome Messam has been playing special teams of late so he can still be used while Charles/Boyd share the touches on offence. IMO, id bench Messam.

I don't understand why we would dress 3 running backs when we hardly run the ball. :roll:

Heres a list of the TOP Edmonton Eskimos free agents:

MLB JC Sheritt
DE Marcus Howard
DE Julius Williams
DB Rod Williams
DB Weldon Brown
K/P Grant Shaw

My take:
JC Sheritt, Grant Shaw & TJ Hill are locks to resign in Edmonton. With the addition of Brandon Lang, Julius Williams may be let go. Although imo, id resign him. Marcus Howard is high on Edmonton's to resign list, but the NFL may come calling. Weldon Brown is one of Kavis Reeds favorite players, he should resign. Rod Williams may test the market, but id say he resigns as well. All the top guys (other then Julius Williams) likely resigns before 2013.

Stay tuned for more information on this topic.


Despite reports from Jason Gregor, Kavis Reed has gone with QB Kerry Joseph to start at QB vs the Argos.

Good move, going with experience over a raw rookie is smart. Nichols could always come off the bench.

As i said days ago, Joseph is the guy.

:thup: :cowboy:

If Joseph struggles I wouldn't give him anymore then 1 quarter. but I do agree with starting him.

im a little late getting to this, but:

The Edmonton Eskimos have signed (brought back) DB Ronnie Prude.
The Edmonton Eskimos have released DL Alex Daniels & DB Pete Ittersagen.

While the Edmonton Eskimos have not made it official, import WR Josh Chichester has been released according to Edmonton Newspapers. The 6ft 8" reciever never made the Eskimos active roster. *He has also been removed from Edmontons roster on their website.

Also look for import WR Cordarol Scales to be brought back in the offseason. He showed great potiental when he was here in Edmonton. He’s very high on Ed Hervey’s list.

For a good take on Eric Tillman and the entire situation.... go to Dan Tencers pod casts.... he puts it ALL out on the table.

Matt Nichols ankle injury will not keep him out of training camp next year. Good news in a very bad situation.

Ya that was just ugly, I started to get a real cold chill after seeing it my son who was watching said he felt like throwing up he had his own game later in the afternoon and was worried, at that point the score of the game meant nothing.

Gotta agree R&W, I throw up a little every time I read one of this guy's posts.
I see I'm not the only former regular who's quit on this site.

Then dont read the facts and create your own opinion elsewhere.

Paul LaPolice is close to becoming the newest OC for the Edmonton Eskimos. While former DC of the Eskimos, Greg Marshall is expected to take over the Defence in Winnipeg.

The Eskimos are also looking at their current coaching staff and may make moves replacing their current O-line coach and STC.

As for free agents, the CFL free agent list will be released in December.

The next CFL draft rankings will be released by the CFL scouting bureau once the CIS season has ended.

If Matt Dunigan is named GM of the Edmonton Eskimos, key word is "IF". The first move he makes will be for a QB. He likes Nichols, but wants better depth at QB. Top on Dunigan's list: QB Adrian McPherson.