The latest addition to my Alouettes wall

When I was young and cheering for Calgary in Grey Cup 1970. Dissapointment for sure; but on the other side of the coin looking back on it: Sonny Wade got it done, Oh Yea. :thup:

Nice, you just need 1 of our GoAlsGo scarf to complement it
(See picture in signature) :wink:

There is no pic in your sig. but I think I have seen it at your site.

They are quite nice. They are like the european soccer scarf that you see all over in europe for soccer games.

And how would someone get one of these scarfs?

Pick it up at my place, or at XGamers place, i have shipped some, but the cost is not the greatest, about 12$ shipping. We sell the scarves 20$

I'll let you know

I was just looking at your pic on the site. Is that 2 different scarfs or 2 sides of the same scarf?

It'a the same scarf we show both sides. If you decide to get just PM me or xgamer. We plan to have some for TC, speaking of which anyone know when the Als plan to announce where it will be?

I dont know when it will be but I do know where it wont be!

It wont be in St Jean this year. The Als were informed that they wont be accommodated this year. They(Als) were talking about TC where the Habs have their practises

@ro1313: Amazing wall! Glad to see our fans decorate well!

@SectionW & @ro1313 re training camp: We'll be making an announcement soon - nothing has been confirmed. Stay tuned.


Glad to see you post to keep us informed, keep doing it.

@SectionW - we're going to have more of a presence in the forum from now on... not to interfere, but to make sure you guys are all up to speed on what's going on and to be involved. You guys are very loyal fans - the least we can do is participate.

It's about time, hope you get involved not only in this one, there are many independants :wink:

@SectionW: We'll start with our own properties - this forum, our Facebook page ( & our Twitter account ( it's hard to be everwhere at once! But either way, we're happy you guys are happy to have us as part of the conversation.