The Last Two Times Hamilton Won the Grey Cup

In 1986 and 1999,

  • Hamilton finished first in the Eastern Division the previous season;
  • Hamilton lost the Grey Cup game the previous season;
  • Hamilton finished the season second in the Eastern Division;
  • Hamilton beat Toronto in the playoffs;
  • Hamilton entered the game as underdogs.

You know the expression: "Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is a habit."


Very interesting info! Thanks for posting. I like habits

…I’ll be pulling for the ticats for this reason alone, and to end the drought I guess, that too

…the bombers are a solid team, no doubt, but you gotta love an underdog in the fight


Never heard that saying.

But I checked my similar source, a good old fashioned Ouija board, and Ticat fans won’t like what it told me.

I'll be pulling for Hamilton. Solid fan base. Their owner has done a ton for the league. I'm sure they'll be pumped to play at home.

Hoping ZC meets his old friend Simoni


I'll love your underdog if if he does't bite us. Otherwise, "BAD DOG!! BAD!!!"

I believe this would hold true in 2014 if not for the infamous 'blocking from behind' call on the Banks return