The last play of the game

OK, maybe a quick pass to Tasker at the goal line. But a deep drop and then a pass deep in the end zone? Very bizarre.

The way Jones and Masoli were talking afterwards, I'm thinking the quick pass was the play, but it was well covered, but Masoli then went to a second or third read instead of just dumping it off.

Then again, had the pass been accurate - the receiver was actually open - we'd all be saying it was a brilliant call, totally unexpected.

Masoli looked for Tasker in the flat. Wasn't there. Should have thrown it into the turf.

Regardless. The call was a joke. 2 sneaks. If they stop it they deserve it.

No other team in the league Would do something so stupid.

What about an option sweep with speedy or spreading out the receivers. It was very congested. The lack of a two minute drill cost at least a couple of plays.

Still cant be in the shotgun, if you want to try a jet sweet i might almost be able to deal with it. But shotgun pass over 2 sneaks is a joke.

Honestly anyone that tries to defend that play call hasnt watched enough CFL football. There was no reason for it.

Horrible. Absolutely horrible I'm still seething. You can sneak the ball twice in that amount of time .... so brain dead it hurts we had a chance and pissed it away.

You hit the nail on the head . No other team would do something so stupid.
There were other earlier plays like 2knd and 2 when masoli should have run it as we are playing 3 down football any way we would have 2 cracks at 2 yards. Masoli ended up running on 3rd and 2 anyway and missed by inches if they ran the first tinme we;d have an easy first down
The last play of the game was terrible..why throw when you have a thick qb like masoli thyat is strong and can run's a no brainer

In the end , this team just doesn't have enough talent or good play calling

We don't have enough good receivers and this jones guy finally has to be let go after fumbling near his own 10 yard line on a 1 on 1 tackle..please no more jones

I think Gable dropped alot of balls tonight too and wasn't very good running the ball or accepting
screen passes

Masoli is was too many balls did he bounce or throw an interception

This Saskatchewan team is not very good but we made them look like grey cup champs

Their # 1 qb was out of the game and #2 qb a canadian ends up looking like warren moon on us.
Their best receiver was out of the game early in duran carter and they were on the road. This is a game we should be winning . We made so many mistakes in this game from players to play calling i am at a loss for words...

Our offence does not have enough weapons and Gable's drops and lack of breakaway speed will never get us anywhere..Masoli makes far too many mistakes

I am thinking maybe we do need to bring in johnny football as Masoli is too inconsistant to beat any western team and our receiving corps is so small...we need a big guy or two in there
a guy like TYms that we cut ..let's bring in this collins guy and gi ve him a shot

our db's did not have a good game overall especially Eman Davis and of course washington with 2 or 3 pass interference calls then gets ejected for spitting giving up a ton of yards

we just don't have enough talent across the board..we were beaten at home against a mediocre team withoutr it;s @1 qb and # 1 receiver and we are manhandled all 3 aspects of the game.....we did not provide enough pass rush..this capicotti guy is a decent canadian but we really don't have a good pass rusher like calgary had lemon and charleston hughes and edm has willis and chick .....

i noticed the stands were not full.....that is because they are offering an inferior product

i liked june jones for two games but he poorly mis managed this game in his play calling time and time again.

i figure june jones words to austin will be please johnny manziel.....i can't see june jones being satisfied by the effort we saw from gable and masoli....also a smart and good team would have traded for signed a decent national receiver knowing fantuz would be out for most of the season....

Ger: I think I agree with everything you said.

All I know is that if that HC lasts one more game it will be a shock...where did he come from ?? ..maybe a old-school southern state that played 4 down boring crap!!...

I expect that in the NFL, they do it all the time. They dont get a free yard though, does Jones know this?

The call was made by someone very one sober would ever call such stupidity with a running QB that had both side open to walk in...was the so-called new coach born before 1932?? Please come back least he didn't drink too much while coaching!!!

In NFL and College you're bang on. Sneaks don't work as much and you have a 10 yd end Zone without the yard off the ball.

No excuse. It was dumber than Pete Carroll. By far.

June Jones' lack of CFL experience really showed through in this game.

We had a second and inches. Masoli goes from the shotgun, throws a pass behind the line of scrimmage, Saunders catches it and fumbles and a few plays later we give up seven.

Then with 1.30 on the clock (lots of time in the CFL), we have second and two, instead of running, we throw an incompletion and end up giving up the ball on third down.

Then the last play - enough has been said already. It should get the award for dumbest call of the year. We had five seconds on the clock, clock starts on the snap after a penalty, a QB sneak would have left us time on the clock if it failed.

We gave this game away with poor play calling on short yardage.

Bang on "The Breeze"

Yeah I'm in agreement with everybody here. Absolutely inexcusable play call there at the end. Could have ran two sneaks from 1 yard out, instead you line up in shotgun and throw away the game.

Does Stef Ptaszek even have a working headset anymore? I feel like his knowledge of the Canadian game would have allowed him to tell everyone how dumb this was.

No way you get two running plays in 5 seconds.

You only need to get 1 running play in 4 seconds... with 1 second left the play would get blown in and go to zero but we would get another play.

There's no way we don't get 2 qb sneaks in.

Gable had been stuffed at the line multiple times by the Rider D Line throughout the game. They probably would have stopped him at the 1 on the game's last play, too, had Masoli handed off to Gable.

The passing play the Ticats did call was a short pass to was open for a second, but Masoli was late delivering the ball. Masoli, I thought, did a good job of finding Saunders after that, who almost made a very tough catch.

This game was entertaining to watch, and could have gone either way.

Again, the turnovers, and Washington's penalty/ejection, killed us.

Agreed on gable. (See me shotgun from the 1 thread)

The call is the sneak. Every time. Because again you get 2 of them.

I hope JJ realizes this loss is on him. Dumb, dumb, they could have tied this game in regulation. Of course coming out as flat as p on a plate did,t help either. 9 count 'em nine yards offence in Q1.