The last play of the game

Consecutive weeks now 3 times total (I think) we have done this. I get the idea of spreading it out and running some sort of option but this is going to come back to bite us.

Ive always been against handing the ball off at the 4 because 1 blown up play and you're in big trouble. Line up behind centre with JM and run the sneak. I think this is a product of Coach Jones not being in the CFL for a long time and not know how automatic it should be.

I'm pretty sure JM's percentage from the 1 is off the charts so I'm not sure why we're overthinking this one.

Line up for the sneak, but have Speedy or Gable coming across for an end around optional hand off, or a direct snap

I know that I'm not the only one who misses McMannus handing off to Julian Radlein. That guy probably had the most 1-yd rushes for a TD ever...

Yes. Dan Lefevre is great at it too-worth money just for short yardages. As much as I love masoli, his sneaking knack sucks. There's an art to it or maybe his arms are too short!

I agree with you Killer. Dan is the best when you need a yard IMO.
Radelin was such a bust but a big dude for sure. 1st round pick and 3rd overall that avg. 2.7 yards a carry for his career.
19 rushing TDs in his 5 seasons with the Cats. 386 career rushing yards. I remember him well.

The point is every other team in the league lines up from the 1 and does a sneak with (usually) their backup QB. If you get stuffed and want to give a different look that's fine. But the more this is put on tape the more chance their is that we get a play blown up on the 4 and people will be screaming.

Such a bust? That massive 2.7 YPR stat only tells you a tiny part of the story. Rads was a fullback in the classic sense. He was the lead blocker for the running backs, and got the vast majority of his rush attempts in short-yardage and goal line situations. When you line up on the opponent’s 1-yd-line, that’s as far as you have to go for a TD.

Rads lined up about 5 yards back of DMac, an was in a full sprint as soon as the ball was actually snapped. All Danny had to do was turn, and Rads was already there. Virtually unstoppable.

absolutely not a bust. comment makes no sense.

We won, lets be happy.

When I think of sure things from the one yard line, I think of Blake Marshall's heydey with the Eskimos.

Yeah, that one drove me absolutely crazy. Especially on a first down on the goal line, the automatic call should be QB Sneak. Even if you have a slow snap, you still are likely to have a QB or O.Line capable of pushing for a yard, and even if that doesn't work out, the risks are low. The chance of a fumble is very low, and stop amounts to 2nd down from the same position, it strikes be as silly to run anything else.

We got burned twice this season running 1 yard converts from the backfield. I'd like to see us stop making the same mistake.

I'd rather not use JM on the dive forward short yardage plays. I trust Gable to get a yard

You mean 4-5?

Just to play out the sequence... my thoughts are as follows.

1st down on the 1. Opponent has to stop us THREE times from the 1 on a sneak, cause you likely aren't losing yards. I don't care if its Masoli, Collaros, Goldson or Castillo, i'll bet the score rate on 3 sneaks from the 1 is over 90%.

If we go shotgun and the play gets blown up we're on the 3 or 4. Now a throwing down and you only get 2 shots.

Im honestly surprised anybody would take option 2... but that's why we live in this wonderful country.

I expect more from a 3rd overall pick thus the bust comment but to each his own. 75 yards rushing/season was his avg. If you think that was a great career I am not sure what to say. Anyway, back on topic. As long as they are making the yardage i don't care if they line up in the wishbone. I think it is awfully hard to stop Gable short of a yard if you tell the other team what the play is the way he is running right now. Some time on the bench has really motivated Gable to play like the beast that he can be!

Sure I guess if yah wanna get technical lol. Draw play is great for backs like Gable. But my main point was I don't want JM hurt

I guess you don't understand the difference between a Fullback and a Halfback. Again, Radlein was used almost exclusively in short-yardage situations, where his size and strength turned him into a living battering ram. He wasn't often stopped on one-to-two-yard rush attempts.

2 sneaks vs 1 throw.
What a joke.

Wtf was that

WTF is a shotgun pass from the 1 with 5 seconds left down by 8......

Maybe the dumbest playcall I've ever witnessed...

The end.