The last minute drive

90+ yards for a TD and 2 point convert to tie with seconds left.

Will anyone who was there [b][i]ever [/b][/i]forget that moment and the resulting explosive joy and excitement at good ole IWS?

A Tiger-Cat memory for all time. Glad I was there!

Me too. Forgot I was wearing a red jacket momentarily

My nephew pretty much jumped from one section over and hugged my boyfriend and I. It was probably the best moment I have actually seen live since the 80's. I know I'll never forget it.

Comparable to the Ozzy 54 yard field goal in 1998 sending us to the Grey Cup.

these moments are the reasons I go, no matter how long between, its all worth it again.

The offense gelled and they did what they new they had to do. I was proud of everyone on the team yesterday for such an enjoyable game. One I will never forget.

That's what I was thinking. Haven't heard the place explode like that since Ozzie's. The difference was that yesterday that explosion was more sustained. Including all the delays to check the clock, that crowd was going full throttle for about 10 minutes. Couldn't believe it. I'd love to see some video of that few minutes there. That was the ultimate Ivor Wynne experience.

Those 2 are my favorite moments in my far.

Thanks man!! Might have to try and rip that clip and edit it. Thanks again.

If anyone has the today's Spec, read Steve Miltons' Foundation for continued Ticat success (Can't find a link to it). The first few paragraphs describes what that moment means to the Tiger-Cats and fans.

Great stuff!

It was the best live moment I have had at a sporting event since the World Cup of Hockey. You know what, maybe it was better. It was great!!!!

As I said to a friend the next day... It was the BEST LOSS EVER!!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I was there from Niagara Falls and the 2 women beside me, who I did not know, were from St Cath and NF as well. One of them was 60+ and screaming her head off. It was great. It was great to see that they are gaining fans from all over Southern Ontario.

What a great post. I agree with everyone that it was definitely a moment to be there. It was a magical football moment. That was the best game I've ever been to just because of the high drama in the end. My legs were like noodles for the last 4 minutes. The roller coaster of emotions and the fans rocking Ivor Wynne was amazing. I've never cheered so hard in my life.

The touchdown drive was great but I still knew we needed the two point conversion. When I saw Marquay open and Glenn slung the ball out there it was like slow motion. The eruption from the crowd was phenomenal, the emotion from the bench, I was high fiving people I didn't even know. What a moment! That's what going to the live games is all about right there. I thoroughly enjoyed it even though we lost.

I think the TC gained a lot of new fans on Sunday - and hopefully a lot of new ticket sales!!!

Like I said in another thread, that game along with the game in Winnipeg, was the best advertising the team could ask for.

certainly got me and the wife hooked

It was absoluty amazing, one fo the best moments for me at IWS. Was sat in Section 25 and the stand was rocking. It was also my farthers 1st ticats game at IWS, he had been to the games in toronto with me but never IWS, he loved the atmosphere, and enjoyed it so much, he called up on monday and got himself a season ticket! :slight_smile:

I'm just now getting my voice back from that drive. Still a little raspy though.
Moments in sports like that happen once in...well, maybe a decade. Where everything sort of lines up perfectly to result in this awesome moment.

It's definitely number 2 on my list of Ticat memories -- and, thankfully, I was able to witness both of those at the stadium. (The Ozzie kick being the other).

What I liked about this was that it had a bit more staying power than a kick or a goal. It was the whole drive, the TD, the 2 point convert and then the roaring for the defence during the B.C drive back down the field. Really, that was everything you could ever want when watching football.