The Last Days of the Raiders

You think Canada alone has problems building stadiums for pro sports? You think all NFL cities and teams have oodles of cash and lots of support for building grand new stadiums? Think again.

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...according to sports economists, Los Angeles is more valuable to the NFL empty than full. For all the wealth and potential revenue of the market, the city's residents were never very enthusiastic about football, simply because there are too many other things to do.
"The NFL likes the LA market to stay vacant," Berri said. "Because it's a potential bargaining chip for all the other teams. So a team can go to a city and demand a subsidy, and if you don't give it to us, then we'll go to LA."

But if LA can still be "world class Hollywood LA" without an NFL team, it allows any city, say Toronto, Montreal, to say they are "world class" and use LA as an example to be this and not need to have an NFL team.

That's why I think the NFL should want a team in LA.

I doubt that the Raiders care if the NFL doesn't want them to move to LA.
Rpaege, as a Bay Area resident, do you think that the Bay Area can support 2 franchises in the NFL with the way the costs of being in the league are growing? Do you believe that the Raiders and 49ers would ever unite to build a stadium like the Jets and Giants have?