The Last Chance Bowl

This week, the top two underperforming teams will meet in a clash of Tita... err.. a clash of Tritons.

For both teams, this might be the last chance to get a run for a playoffs spot going. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are 0-6. To get a playoffs berth, they need to outperform BOTH the third place eastern team (while all three eastern opponents are capable of winning regularly) and the fourth place western team (where the fight may be tight until the end).

The Blue Bombers are 1-6, but sit in the most crowded division, so they also need to best two teams to get a playoffs berth.

Facing each other, they both have a last chance of getting something going. Going 1-7, or 0-7 ressemble pretty much to the end of hope. Not to mention, losing to the other over-struggling team also is catastrophic for self-confidence.

The CFL already feature marquee match-ups like the Labour day Classic, the Banjo Bowl, the Rona Cup, etc.

I hereby propose the establishment of the Last Chance Bowl, a yearly mid-season collapse... err, I mean clash... of the two bottom-feeders. The winner wins hope, while the other only gets shame.

Who will win the first edition of this soon-to-be classic?

Winnipeg'll take it if they have a decent QB game, whether it be Michna or Glenn, but not Tee...Hamilton has looked good...they could take it if their receivers catch anything...but the same could be said about winnipeg's receivers

Has a game ever had all its points scored only on safeties? Just kidding. . . :smiley:

this was too funny

Does anybody know who will be the two QBs for that game?

I voted for BB but wouldn't it be ironic if Kamau had a career game against us....

Three catches for 42 yards would look like a career game for Kamau. You could win it nonetheless...

Hamilton can't lose them all. Its their turn!

You say that because you are afraid to see the Blue Bombers catching on the Lions…

Third, are you auditioning for the comedy club?

you know this could be an ugly game when both teams are starting who at qb? hamilton is it jones? brady? mcmanus?, and winnipeg will it be glenn? michna? martin? quarterback issues haunt both teams if khari has learned the system well enough id say hamilton may pull one out otherwise im gonna give this to the bombers, just because theyre my team and i have faith, otherwise i'd say its a toss up.

I still think Third and Ten is upset that the only win for the Bombers came from his Als. Anyway, I think the Bombers will take this one. Now we have Brazzell, hopefully he will play better with us. For Kamau, I hope he does well with his new team, but I hope he drops all the passes that come his way this Saturday if he plays. Glenn looks strong by the way he is praticing, says Mike Gibson. If he can keep this up he should be able to play. If not, I'm sure Michna will be in there. They can't possibly play Martin. GO BOMBERS!

Or, that after this weekend, they may only be 2 points back of the Als for the crossover spot in the East with 4 of their next 6 games all against teams with losing records.