the last call

Oaver all it was a poorly played game by both teams What really bugged me was our last possesion who made the play call to
pass off to BRUCE III. IMO The pass was to a dagerous position on the fielk pron to being picked off. Although it was tipped by BRUCE. With 12 seconds remaining put the ball inthing cobbs hands or thiggy`s at least they keep the ball. Allowing a field goal attempt. Seems like the logical thing to dO.

Or kick the field goal on 2nd down with 10 seconds left in case something goes wrong. That way you can still kick the field goal on 3rd down.

I don't think that it matters anyway because DeAngelis would not have made a game tying kick. Swirling winds and all that the other kickers who only kick here once in a while don't seem to have much trouble with. DeAngelis is full of himself and excuses and excuses are for losers.

Blaming Sandro for a kick he didnt even attempt. Wow.

Re read it!

I blame him for the inconsistency all year also for missing a 17 yd kick earlier in the game and I'm just showing no confidence in his ability to make a game tying kick anyway.

Not once did I blame him for a kick he never attempted.

how about the chip shot in the 1st q?

and the total lack of confidence in the kicker, from the H.C._ to the towlboy :oops: _---Wowzy

Swirling winds? thats why all the points scored were when heading east :roll:

I think it was the right call.

They had no problem with the short passing game in the last drive leading up to that play. It's not as if the defense created that play. It was just bad luck, a play that Glenn and Bruce make 99 times out of 100.

Bottom line is Bruce should have caught it, and glenn could have thorown a little better ball.

QB draw or sneak eliminates the possibility of extra yardage being lost by a RB tackled in the backfield. You're looking at a 47-yard attempt with a better spot if the ball is kept between the hashes if the QB simply falls ahead one yard on a sneak. As called, the ball was in the air about 10-12 yards to try to gain three or so given the tight coverage. Not the greatest decision in football history when within the outer range of your kicker as is.

Oski Wee Wee,


Even the TSN panel was talking about how very routinte that 8 yard hitch is and that Glenn and Bruce had probably done it a thousand times.

To me, it was a much safer call than a 48 yard FG with a struggling kicker.

I would have felt a whole let better with a 40 yard attempt and I support the call and continue to scratch my head with what Glenn and Bruce created there. 999 times out of a 1,000 that's a catch and at least an 8 yard gain.

If you bubble wrap your struggling kicker from 47 -- and he can't hit from 17 -- why not throw two passes, one to set up a end zone throw on the last play? If Sandro doesn't have the leg...why is he your kicker, let alone making kickoffs?

His range in pre-second half warmups was 50 yards with the wind (as per Mikefromthehammer's post). His season long was 45 yards. His career long is 56 yards.

You can get the ball with a one-to-three yard sneak or QB draw to between 45-47 yards for an attempt with the wind.

Instead of the safest option ensuring an attempt, Gibson called a play requiring more accuracy than one would think at first blush. I disagree with the call. So did Marcel as the headset divoted the turf. Just saying.

Oski Wee Wee,


I'm not so sure. Listen to Marcel here:

Boy, you really feel strongly about this one, eh?

I just don't see that called hitch as being risky. Certainly not much riskier than even a QB sneak.

I wasn't worried about Sandro's range so much as his head and where it was during the season and in particlaur that game with the 17 yard miss.

Kicking a 50 yard warm up from a stand holding the ball in a relaxed atmosphere is much different than the sanp, hold and rush during the game with the game on the line. I'd bet you'd agree with that at least.

That one play will be one of those bad memories that will haunt Tiger-cat fans, but then so will the whole game and other performances from it too. Yuck.

This all wouldn't have been an issue if they had kept Porter in.......the guy was doing well, the team was ignited and the Argos were clearly off balance (especially by his height, ability to run and zip on the ball) what do we do?.......we upset that sudden chemistry and momentum and throw Glenn back in. :roll:

The Argos and Braley love us and owe some Tiger-Cat decision maker (Gibson?) a steak dinner with all the trimmings ! :lol:

Agree Captain, at this point in the season a play like that is pretty well a given 8-9 times out of 10 I'd say.

Yes deer, I'm sort of with you on the Porter thing, you have to think Glenn's leg was hurting and could have upset his balance causing the ball to go too high, maybe a tad afraid to put too much weight on the leg with mechanics of a throw. I question putting Glenn back in. That's history though. I think baseball coaches and managers go through this a lot with when to pull a starter if the arm is getting tired but the player says keep me in. Tough call. If I'm Glenn, as a player, you say put me in to win the game when you're the starter even if it might not be the best thing.

I do. With Kevin Glenn as the QB, with adrenaline flowing, with the cross winds -- and his history of missing high when he does...I do. If you run a bootleg with a pass option where Glenn could throw in a straighter line north-south, I could see a pass re a stop or hook making more sense. I just don't get it when you ought to know you are in the outer range of your kicker and you call that kind of play.

Gibson will do this again if he isn't fired. Out of his element. My take.

Oski Wee Wee,


Fair enough. (and a pleasure to have a a courteous and respectful disagreement. Wish that was the norm in the stadium discussions)

The downside of a small qb, have to throw it in an up arc to get it over the o-lineman, if in fact the linemen were in his way at the time. But again, if you are going to do a bootleg play, leave Porter in, not going to do that with a qb with a wonky leg. :roll:

Captain, I have to admit, in the stadium discussions I feel you are much more entrenched and not willing to budge compared with other ideas being discussed. Just my take on your posts. You seem to lack the flexibility. I might be wrong. :?

And you are one reason why my back is up agains't WH that it wasn't before, because of what I perceive as a very, very rigid stance on the issue. You seem to be WH or nothing... And I'm going to fight you on this because I respect you but don't think you're showing the flexibility that an intelligent person should...

If I'm Glenn, as a player, you say put me in to win the game when you're the starter even if it might not be the best thing.
Glenn is not the boss. The coach is.

We went through hell with QB's in the past that seemed to be dictating what the coaches do and we paid a heavy price.

Mis-guided loyalty to a player can be fatal for a team.

No way that Bruce catches that ball any more than 70% of the time IMO and that's probably being generous. Check the replay - he had to jump up a couple of feet and fully extend his body and arms just to get his fingers on the ball.
Poor throw by Glenn - with so much at stake, that ball has to be thrown where there is essentially no chance of a pick. The last thing you do is throw it 5 feet too high and risk the ball going through the receivers' hands or the ball being deflected right to the DB.
Yes it was a routine play but it still has to be executed properly and in this case, it wasn't.

I can tell you after meeting AB on Wed night at the rally, he is not taller than me at 5' 8" (actually I'm about 5 7 and a half inches and he didn't look taller, much better built of course). For that play, maybe a taller receiver is best.

Sorry Der but you are dreaming. Porter had most of the 3rd qtr and put 0 points up.

Still think he wasn't fully extended and ball was very catchable. And yes, still could have been thrown better.

Ah, Mondays!