The last 5 games

So in this strange season we have Edmonton,BC,Gagary,Winnipeg and Toronto left.I say we can win 3 out of the 5 with loses to
B.C and Toronto,so we finish at 8-10.What say ye? :cowboy: (Iam being optomistic)

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Here's what some of us say


Cats will win 4 of 5 loosing only to Calgary, which we will see them again anyways in the 2012 Grey Cup Finial, where the Cats will win a tight game to claim the 2012 Grey Cup and be Champions! :thup:

I hope you are right :rockin:

Edmonton - loss
BC - blowout win
Calgary - loss
Winnipeg-blowout win

(just keeping the pattern going!)

TiCats Finish 7-11, Edmonton finishes 1 game better and crosses over.

In the end, Toronto and BC in Grey Cup, where tickets will be going for $5000.

Toronto wins.

There,now you dont have to watch anymore games this season.


Oops, I forgot the off-season coaching moves:

Cortez remains HC, but brings in Dave Dickenson as OC. Creehan moves to linebackers coach, and Rick Campbell also comes over from Calgary, as DC. Daley stays as ST co-ordinator

I'd love to agree, but somehow - Winnipeg has our number this year.
Juat as we have Montreal's #, so too does Winnipeg have ours.

I don't know why we can't beat the bummers....

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Edmonton - win
BC - win
Calgary - lose
Winnipeg - lose
Toronto - lose

Edmonton and Toronto are interchangable. But I Cats build up all hope by rising to 7-8, then lose the final three, including the final game at Ivor Wynne

Dickenson likely wouldn't make a lateral move like that and will probably be getting interviewed in the off-season for a vacant head coaching position.