The last 11 years

Here are the CFL records for the current teams for the last 11 years:

of wining seasons followed by # of loseing, then # of break even seasons (ie 9W-9L in the year) and finally the # of Grey Cups in the 11 years. When I first did it up everything was in colums but it does not save it that way.

Mont 9 1 1 1
Edm 7 2 2 2
Cal 7 3 1 2
BC 6 4 1 1
Tor 4 4 3 3
Ham 4 6 1 1
Win 3 7 1 0
Sask 1 8 2 0

Also in 1995 Baltimore won the Grey Cup and 1994 Montreal did not have a team and that is why I have did stats for the last 11 years and not 25.

As you can see by Montreal and Toronto, a winning season does not quarantee a Grey Cup.

I know a lot of us are complaining that here we are off to another bad start but history shows that we are by far not the worst off. We are a little bit below 50%. But Mr YOUNG has even said that he was to model our franchise after other successful teams such as Edmonton. This takes time. Yes we have had a few years with a losing record but never more than 2 in a row. Even Toronto had 3 years in a row of losing records, Calgary 3, Saskatchewan 7 and Winnipeg 4. Montreal has only had 1 losing season since coming back into the league but has only won the championship once.

So lets give Mr YOUNG some time to deliver on what he has said. We have gotten some great players in the off season but it does take some time to gel.

Lets not give up hope so early in the season and jump back on the band wagon only when the team is in the playoffs like some other teams fans.

Yes we can complain but NEVER quit being a Ticat fan and supporting our team.

Eye opening.

Is that chart regarding winning and losing seasons? You might want to edit that in your first post because your "Wins-Losses-Ties" label is misleading.

Oski Wee Wee,

Interesting. But also remember that 1-17 seasons and 0-8 starts take much of the fun out of an entire season. Winning records may not guarantee a Grey Cup, but the fan experience sure beats what we've been putting up with. Not trying to take away from your point. Just taking a deep sigh and hoping that appearances thru the first 3 games are deceptive...

A wise perspective.

Sorry but if we're not having a 65% -70% season the "entertainment" value is not worth it.
Nor should the organisation be happing or settle for anything else.


Well, according to a lot of the recent topics, I guess these last 11 seasons have been 'rebuilding' (except for 1 GC)

Im sorry but this is football, not hockey or baseball....rebuilding does not take this long..there are only 18 games in a season and when you stink it up for more than a few, it really makes going to games no fun.

I'll tell you one thing, if the cats come out with another really horrible effort like the last 2 games, it will be a while before I go to any others.

I was so close to buying seasons for this season ... thank god I didnt I guess...since this is a 'rebuilding' season...must be reassuring to the season ticket holders who damnwell didnt pay for a rebuilding season. Ranek, Jason, Holmes, Vaughn and the other additions were made for immediate relief.

Im not going to start snatching up gold jerseys, buying tickets, and $8 beers for 'rebuilding'

dummymaker, when was Montreal's losing season?