The Labour Day Classic Thread - Eastern Edition


Tigger, thanks for the read. And to think I was going to sport yellow and black streamers. I won't now, knowing they are gaily. :wink:


That 1899 Globe article quote gave me an idea to "tie several reefs in the caudal appendages" of Tigger!

Sorry, habman, but in reference to your post in another thread, Tigger and I are great friends, we like rival teams, and it's the Labour Day Classic coming up.... so I won't "give it a rest"! :slight_smile:

BUMP :cowboy:

Eat 'Em Raw, Tigers! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


We're running out of time!

Oh, sorry, that's 24.

It looks like a good day for a Labour Day Classic on Manday.

I wonder does it really mean anything to fans of the Cats to win on Labour day when we have a classic season like this one?

Not to me ,I've tuned out almost completly and wonder when peolple write like it's the only important game of the year so we should actually try and win this one,(sarcasim )

OK it's always good to try and beat the Argos ,but really? This year?2-9

Unfortunately your attitude is the prevailing one around here, Beamreach. It's very understandable, but it's also very sad. There's nothing like a LDC when both teams fans are pumped. It makes the atmosphere electric. This game may be void of that, especially if the Ticats get off to a slow start.

Even with the many positive changes that have gone on this week, most fans are still sitting back and saying "show me". A Ticat win on Monday may be just the tonic needed to get the fans back behind the team.

The fans have done enough to show their support, now it's time for the team, specifically I mean the players, to do something to demonstrate they deserve it.

It might change between now and Monday, but right now I'm not even feeling up to dishing out any friendly trash talk.

To win the grey cup is always the best to make the playoffs is great to, but to win the Labour Day Clasic is even better in my opinion I turned down triple time this year just so that I could go to the game.

Oskee Wee, Go Cats Go

Last time Damon walked in to IWS he was out after three plays.

Our D remains just as dangerous today.

With Coach Sal guiding the OLine, and so much on the "line", I gotta think its going to be better on Monday.

I have some "issues" on too many "star" receivers on the team just now, and questions about who's supposed to actually block for the kick returners, and whether we have a coverage team to let Boreham just boom it straight down the field...

But yeah, we can give Toroto a game! Bring it on!

I wonder if Lancaster is going to fly over the stadium (the one from Mount Hope, not the guy on the sidelines).

The CF-18's would be nice, too.

Followed, of course, by a Ticat win !!

Party Hardy, folks, and Oskee Wee Wee!!!

Completely insane.

Sports is about winning championships. Not single game events.

The Montreal Canadians have won twenty four Stanley Cups. How many time have they beat the Maple Leafs in that history?

Who cares.


I guess this is the official thread.

In that case... GO CATS!

This is our official thread?
It's game time

Is anyone else out here?

Good start
we have the ball at the 52

2 plays 2 first downs
Wow, what a start

wow a field goal, i cant believe this is boreham's first field goal of the season at ivor wynne, thats pretty sad.

3 points
First offensive points in 3 games