The Kiss The Witches Thread, Volume One

:D :D :D

Well, at least we aren't burning anyone this week!

Oski Wee Wee,


Props to Marcel Bellefeuille, all his coaches, and the players are playing inspired football today against an opponent that was fragile. It was a game that was readily winnable. Mission accomplished.

loved it! was at the game today, our defense looked great!

i can't wait for the negative fans to come and piss all over our victory :lol: I don't care what they say, this is the team we expected this season and hopefully they are here to stay!

Other than Rider DBs? :slight_smile:

OK, where to begin. I did not see the game, but I listened to it on CHML and get updates via Twitter.

Offence: No Bruce, no Mann, no problem. And then there was no Jimenez, then no Cobourne, then no McDaniel. Sounds like the offence did well considering the injuries. It sounded like a few of Glenn's passes were off, but did quite while considering who was missing.

Defence: Allowed no TDs, held Durant to only two complete passes in the first half. Would have been a shutout if Johnson's attempt was 50 yards and an inch rather than 50 yards, as Steve Milton tweeted. It sounded like the Rider QBs were pressured and contained. I would like to see a video clip of Hickman's "back sack" though. :slight_smile:

Special teams: Thigpen with great returns, catching them in the air this time. Medlock still has yet to miss a field goal attempt. Good coverage on good punts, as Medlock and the punt coverage team showed why they did not concede safety despite having to punt from end zone.

Thigpen had a great game, Williams has two TDs. And the Riders once had both off these players.

Sounded like a great game, and one to build on!

I sit in Box H. Half way through the 3rd quarter I turned to the Saskatchewan couple beside me and asked if everyone in Saskatchewan had suddenly become devil worshippers or something? (It was said in fun and they took it as a joke.)

I still recall the 1-17 season and how BIG the one win was against Saskatchewan. It was like we one the Grey Cup. I think we won it in overtime. Anyway you have to really feel for the Rider Nation. Surely they are some of the most passionate fans out there. This team bears no resemblance to last year's Grey Cup runner up. I'm just glad that it's them and not us. Hopefully we are on a roll and can win a few in row.

Well said (or typed). I'm in total agreement and also adds props to those forum contributors who have expressed a lot more confidence in the team than I.

Hopefully so. Time and tougher opponents will tell. Today's showing by the Cats -- all the good things mixed with some that weren't so good is what I'd expected to see in the league opener -- more positives than negatives -- and enough, or in this case plenty, to win. Great to see it today, when I really didn't expect it. Just wish we'd have seen it a couple of weeks earlier.

I enjoyed my plate of crow for dinner (goes well with ketchup!) Did not see this win coming.

The witches are certainly spared this week..


p.s. that was one HOT day in the stands. I think Summer football is best served in the evening.
Also, lovely flyover by the Canso and B-25.

As much as I'd like to see Porter shine, his interception today was really, really bad. There wasn't a black and gold jersey within ten yards.

tell me about it, it just left me shaking my head :thdn:

I really wanted 40 too :lol:

To heck with Rider Nation. It used to be fun for everyone to root for Sask as their second-favourite team, because they were perennial losers. But these are the guys that have been to 3 of the last 4 Grey Cups. They are not the also-rans anymore.

I say the Tiger-Cats should become Canada's sentimental favourites. Who has put up with more crap in the last decade than Ticat fans? Technically, Winnipeg has gone longer without a Grey Caup win, but in all seriousness, how could anyone root for Winnipeg that doesn't live there?

Does this mean we’re re-hiring all the people from Obie down who we fired after our season-destroying two previous losses?

I too wanted the same 40-3 score as last Oct 22 when we trounced the Als (Click Here). I was calling for it to The Witches of football.

I won't forget yesterday's two memorable fourth quarter defensive stands on our own goal line that put an exclamation point on the game.


I would not get too excited just yet. It was a convincing win over a team that is really really struggling and it looks like Saskatchewan is in total disarray at the moment.

I expect the team will keep this up and beat the Lions next week.

The real test comes in the following week when the TiCats host the Alouettes. If they play like they did against Saskatchewan, then it should be a great game.

Fingers crossed that we have gone over the hump and we are well on the road to great things this season.

The east looks really good and competitive this year and I suspect that all four eastern teams will make the playoffs.


As mentioned earlier Sask is really struggling right now and they looked like we did the first two games. There is still a lot of work to do to keep up to the other teams, a lot of blown assignments by the young WR's, but that winning feeling is sure nice. Also as mentioned earlier it was nice to see Big Wayne laying block far up field. :thup: :smiley:

The Ruffies looked very uninspired. Or they were flat, but based on their first two games, I'll go with uninspired. They are nicked up as well.

We looked more how I thought we would look.

Glenn was great today. I didn't see too many errant passes. As a matter of fact, there were 5 "for sure" drops and a couple of others that "could have" been caught.

Great all around effort.

Doesn't seem the swirling winds have much of an effect on Medlock.


I'm glad we won, but there still is a long way to go. This game showed that Porter can handle being a perpetual backup QB for the occasion trick play, but isn't able to handle a full game/drive. That interception was terrible, even worse then the one Kevin Glenn threw at the start year vs Winnipeg. I'm glad Bakari Grant and McDaniel got their shots again, and although Grant dropped a couple, I still feel he did very well and would like to see him over Aaron Kelly. Good to see Thigpen regain his stride and the DBs stepped it up. I wonder why Avon stopped playing in the 2nd half, hope he's not hurt.

8) Avon suffered a foot injury. They took him out for the rest of the game as a precautionary measure.
 Marcel said the injury is not believed to be too serious.

Got to man up and give Marcel credit for executing a great game plan against the Riders, in all phases of the game. At no point did the Riders look even remotely in this game. If you want to be a contender, that's what you should do to lower-tier teams: put your foot on their throat from opening snap to the final gun shot.

All that said, it was the Riders, so far the CFL's worst team by a significant margin (I know the Lions are also 0-3, but they're better than their record shows IMO). I want to say the Cats have turned the corner, but we'll see where we are in a few weeks.

I agree completely