The Kiss The Witches Thread, Volume 4

Didn't that overrated Jesse Lumsden look good moving in an overrated way on that 35-yard screen? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Great win by the team -- Maas finally arrived tonight with the vertical game for an entire contest! 388 yards...can the Maas-can't-get-it-done set assimlate that bit? :wink:

Smaller playbook with a vertical emphasis = offensive results.

Great game by Lawrence Gordon and the defence as well.

And one more thing: a Jerome Erdman-coached special teams unit actually partially blocked a punt. Is it a full moon tonight? Great play by Hitch on that.

I'm very pleased -- this team is starting to be competive again...the season is over for the postseason chase, but that in itself bodes well for 2007 if this can be continue for the remainder of the campaign.

Oski Wee Wee,

Congrats to Terry Vaughn for #1000 and Mike Morreale #500...big night for milestones in a big win.

Kudos to the Oline. That protection was topnotch

Some excellent plays by the receivers in the second half. Good to see!

And not only was Maas 26-39 for 388 yards, he threw no interceptions and was not sacked even once. The offensive line seemed to perform much better, and that I'd say is one reason Maas looked better. And Maas appears to have improved without Paopao calling the plays. Tonight, we saw why Paopao and Kauahi had to go. They were not right for this team.

And yes, Lawrence Gordon certainly had a great game, and Fowlkes for the most part played well. And the receivers sure deserve credit if you check their numbers. It sure was good to see Peterson remind us of how good he can be, with 102 receiving yards and a TD. And yes, there were some dropped passes, and think of how good Maas' numbers would be had it not been for those drops.

And in what's left of this season, we assess what this team does right and what it does wrong. And tonight, we saw much of what's right.

I was very disappointed!

The last time I was at Commonwealth Stadium and saw the Ti-Cats win, (I believe it was 1998) I had such a good time that people "accidentally" spilled beer down my back and threw peanuts at me. All the times the Cats lost there, people felt so bad for me they were buying me beers. Well, now the stadium is a peanut free zone, and no one wasted a beer on my back or down my throat.

Thank you Tiger-Cats, I had a good time tonight.

Just think how dominant we would have been with some starting o-linemen in there.

The last time I was at Commonwealth I told my husband that if he bought season tickets again he was gonna be a dead man after the way we were treated there....I had 4 drunken 20somethings take a shot at my back when we headed out during the half for a smoke because I was wearing my Hamilton home jersey, and then the same buncha drunken hooligans decided that being as they could likely end up hurting if they continued to push and bully a female TiCat fan around that they would take a crack at verbally assaulting my 10 year old daughter :x ...
jump ahead to 2006.....
Went in wearin my Hitchcock jersey and Ti-Cat hat as did my 8 yr old, my now 11 year old daughter went incognito afraid of a repeat of last years antics, but how pleasantly surprised we were to have a nice enjoyable game to watch, especially being that we got to see another Tiger win over the Esks on their home turf! 8)
I must say I was rather amazed because everytime (few as they were) that the Esks scored the roars and cheers were semi deafening but it was as quiet as a funeral parlor when our guys would score (which too was welcomed because I didnt have to listen to the drunken idiot who wouldnt shut his yap throughout the whole game and rivaled a Harrier jet in volume!) :roll: .
The best part was at the end of the night a bunch of kindly Edmontonians took mercy on a tiny little Tigetcat fan and showed her the way to get to the loading zone so that she could score a pile of autographs from her favorite teams players....Terry Vaughn, Rob Hitchcock, Jason Maas and 2 other members who gladly signed the wristband given to her by another member who heard her soft little battle cry of Oskee Wee Wee when he went to board the bus to go back to the hotel. :smiley:
The Ti-Cats played a game to be proud of tonight, a double skunking of the Eskies, Terry making his 1000th reception, Jason making some deadly throws tonight and then following it up by making a little girls dream of seeing her Cats kick some butt up close and personal. :thup:
Truely a gracious bunch of gentlemen who appreciate their fans, and after tonight a 5 more fans and one newly converted fan who think these guys can damned near walk on water!