The "Kiss The Witches" Thread, Volume 3

Great gut-check victory by the team, particularly by the defence. Turnovers almost killed the Cats again.

That said, loved the hustle by the defence...Josue's strip of Ricky Ray was huge!

DeVon Fowlkes was great returning kicks. I hope things keep working out for him. He has great wheels.

Excellent games by Boreham and Flick as well. I think Jamie is kicking himself back into a fan club -- he has to remain consistent for the rest of the season...I see improvement in his mechanics. As for D.J., I like the fact that Maas was getting him the opportunity to make plays by taking shots deep.

Overall, there is a lot to be pleased about. I hope Lumsden and Hill can get some action soon. I sense a 800-pound gorilla has been lifted off the club.

All I want to see is this team making strides each game: play hard and be competitive. Now that the team is re-familiarized with the end zone, better things will happen! LOL

That's all for tonight...

Oski Wee Wee,

Flick was fantastic. Maas had more zip on his throws than at ANY other time this season. Nice game by Davis too.

On D...Cody and Kornegay were full value, as were all the DB's...but Tad and Tay really stood out. Overall, I thought the 'D' brought it tonight.

Folkes...great job. Hats off to Fleming too.

Overall...great effort troops.

Hats off to "De Fowlkes wagon" tonight because boy can he move. Kalhill who? Quinnie what? Forget em both, this boy can do it all. Also hats off to that defence that looked shaky at times but kept it together. Josue and Cody were real assests tonight. Hats off to the Oline for giving Maas an astounding 7 seconds (i counted a few times) and NOT getting called for holding. Hats back on in the Maas situation however. Unsportsmanlike and unprofessionalism on the sidelines, yelling at fans, and generally being a kid. Grow up and take it like a man. I dont endorse all the haggling but hes a pro, he shud suck it up. Well played boys and good entertainment. Kept me in my seat tonight.