The Kiss The Witches Thread, Vol. 5

I just thought I'd cover for Russ in starting the post-game/post-win discussion thread.

Again, who to praise? Once again, I have to go with Burris first. He was 28/32 for 332 passing yards, and five TD passes, so I find it hard not to go with him first.

Grant and Fantuz had great games as well, and Stala was clutch, with two TDs.

And Cobourne makes us wonder why he was scratched so many times again .

And the D did quite well considering how many players it was missing.

This team sure got it right this time.

The D

They are starting to gel, Peguese seems to be the spark plug... GREAT pick up!!!!

I vent on the "burn" threads, so I will praise on the "kiss" threads.

Definitely Good Hank today, backed up by a better defence. Recievers catching balls. Good coaching. Good Special Teams. Still a bit of a turnover issue, but not costly.

Please, please play like this next week,please!


That makes sense. And I believe that's what those threads are for. :slight_smile:

I should also mention that Burris 34 rushing yards on four carries. Good to see him run with it again like we know he can.

And what about that one-handed catch by Giguere?

And Bartel did not have to punt until the second half. As I noted in the game thread, I wondered if he was enjoying the night off.

The Als did not gain many rushing yards, though it really looked like they were missing Whitaker. And it was good to see some pressure on Calvillo. AC was 12/23 for 197 yards. It looks like his last game at IWS will be one he'd rather forget. Kinda like some of his first games at IWS.

Yes, the D did well, considering the players it was missing. Speaking of that, I heard Rwabukamba missed the game due to a family emergency. I don't like hearing about that. It was good of Stala to say "we got you a touchdown, Chris" or something like that though.

Jekyll and Hyde ... we never know which team will show up from week to week.

How to explain the difference in offensive execution between the Winnipeg game and this one ?

Still reason for hope, and even a little optimism.

Oski Wee Wee !!

The lack of penalties certainly helped, especially the stupid ones.

another great game by Cobourne - this guy continues to impress me, not only his play on the field but off. Even when he was scratched he always showed class and said the right things - truly a team player.

It's great and all that they can do it at home, now if they can only do this on the road, there might actually be some glimmer of hope...

There has been a lot of criticism on here with Giguere, but how much playing time did he get while in the NFL? From what I understand he basically sat on the practice roster. Because of that, I suspect his skills eroded somewhat, and it has taken him a while to back into form. Week after week, I've seen him improve, and tonight was his best game by far. He's now at the point where he is a strong positive for this team, and hopefully he stays with the team for a long time...

A good point. This team was much more disciplined than they were in Winnipeg.

He has also had to adapt to playing in the CFL. He also had that turf toe injury that he tweeted a picture of (and I would like to unsee that picture.) I don't mean to sound like I'm making excuses for him. I would like to see him continue to improve, and I hope tonight's game was just the start of sign of improvement for him.

Argueably we have the best QB in the league (kind of statistically), except for passing yards and INTs, but Burris is just behind Calvillo in those categories, and burris is behind Ray, Lulay, and Glenn for Passing %, Burris isn't having all that bad of a season.

Other than rampant inconsistency from our O and D (special teams have been our backbone), and some really bad breaks this year, just imagine where we could be in the standings! :roll:

Most players, definitely, but also coach Cortez who baffled me somewhat with this week's attitude of lightness and "have fun''.

Seems to have paid off. The team looked relaxed, and executed extremely well everywhere. With a performance like that, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they win the Grey Cup this year if they manage to squeak into the playoffs. I also wouldn't be surprised if they finished last in the east. I have no idea what to expect from this team

What a year! :?

This team sure has me scratching my head. :?
What happened last night? How can an offence and defence play so well when they stank the week before?
Creehan's defence was fantastic last night. Is Creehan learning fast or has he also been coached?
Stala, Avon, they are being used with regularity. Why has it taken this long? Does it take a "must-win" game to fire on all cylinders?
I just dunno. This team could likely beat any other team in the league based on what I saw last night.
Whatever it is, let's hope we continue doing it!

As stated on the Fifth Quarter: "Is it too late?"

The Offence looked unstoppable in the 1st Half. Had Chevy not fumbled the Defence might have pitched a shut-out. Avon is our RB - it's just that simple. I'd rather see Rutley back him up as he seems more similar to AC's style. We saw the receiving corps everyone expected last night. Hank has to spread the ball around - especially to Stala. Hopefully everything's is ok in the Rwabukamba family; hopefully Stata starts in Edmonton.

I don't remember any other time leaving IWS after a decisive TiCats victory and feeling so reticent. Has the team finally put things together and now playing to their potential or was this just another high to be followed by a couple lows?

Eskimos have injury trouble in their D, don't know who to play at QB, and their PK is wild. TiCats should be able to go to Commonwealth and get a desperately needed victory - the exact same situation they were in last week.

Not to be a pesky fly at the picnic, but I saw Avon getting medical attention at the end of the game. They ran him three times in to the interior of the line and he staggered off. When the game was well in hand, why do that? There are other ways to eat up the clock then to wear out your feature back

Ho hum. Burris had a good night. Still looking directly at the receiver he is going to throw to. Turnovers still an issue, especially near our goal line. Defense was solid for a change. This team will not excite me until they put a streak together. For years their only consistency is the inconsistency and effort they play with.

Hank should definitely have two sweaters #1 and #2 Hank was #1 for most part against the Al's. Next week against Ed following Hanks pattern now it will be Hank #2 because he will play like #2. O how I wished it wasn't so. :roll:

I am enjoying my PVR replay of the game -- into the early second quarter and I am sorry I missed the live event. Great job by the Cats!

Oski Wee Wee,


I didn't get to watch it live, but watched it quickly on the PVR as soon as I got home. Great game, but the whole time, I kept thinking Calvillo would find a way to come back; seen him do it too many times. But our D played well, and kept him from having too many good drives going. It wouldn't have even been close had we not spotted them fourteen points with the turnovers in our end.

Who to praise first? Seems the whole team played well. So maybe first thumbs up goes to Cortez for preparing them for the game, to get them to forget last week's fiasco and ready to beat a team ahead of them in the standings.

Burris and the receiving corps seemed to be on the same page this week. Good to see Stala getting more looks. Great games by Grant and Fantuz, and Giguere starting to show a glimpse of what we've all been waiting for. Avon had a good game; Walker seemed to have a bit of rust, but should shake that off in the next week or two. Good to see them both being used. And the o-line was giving Burris good protection most plays, and Burris was moving the pocket well.

Th d-line and LBs put a lot of pressure on Calvillo - always a good thing, pretty much the only way to keep him from getting in a rhythm. And the secondary played well as well. While they got burned a few times, they didn't allow many sustained drives.

Congi nailed them all again. (Justin who?) And the returners, while they didn't get any TDs, did give the offence some good field position.

And last of all, thanks to the weatherman for the good weather. Most of the Ticats really bad games have been on wet fields. Makes me a bit worried about the way they'll play late in the season and in the playoffs (fingers crossed) when the weather turns nasty, but I'll take a fair-weather win any time.