The Kiss The Witches Thread, Vol. 4

Superb effort by the team today. I hope this builds some momentum because we need it re the crossover!

Oski Wee Wee,


Coach Sutherin gave the game ball to Ticats O-Line coach Doug Malone for his second quarter adjustments!


Folks, I have a problem here. So many players did well today, I don't know where to begin. Maybe I could draw names out of a hat or something. :slight_smile:

Alright, I'll go with the QB.

Burris: 23/33 for 418 passing yards, three TD passes. Threw two picks, but I think one of those was not his fault, but the fault of the player I'll mention next.

C. Williams: Also fumbled one away. But I suppose I can forgive that as he got 125 rec. yards and a TD for a donation to that charity.

Stala: 98 rec. yards and a TD.

Cobourne: 121 rushing yards on 18 carries, and caught two passes for 20 rec. yards. Why was he scratched so many times again?

Grant: Nice job redeeming himself with four catches (one of which was on a tipped pass) for 66 rec. yards and he got that TD after that FG attempt was blocked by...

Webb: Blocked FG, and pick-six for TD. First pick-six in a while for us, I believe.

The newcomers, Pegeuese and T. Davis: Didn't the front four look much better?

The entire defence: Five sacks, zero points allowed in three quarters.

Maybe I shouldn't ask who to praise. I should ask who does NOT deserve praise.


Shaky start, but all is well in the end. Now, the boys need to look ahead and do this at least 5 more games. No laurels to rest on yet. Congratulations Cats!

As important as it was, as surprisingly convincing as it was, and as all-encompassing a team effort as it appeared to be .....
In the big picture, today really was .....

One small step for (a) man (named Cortez, his staff, and team)

(which should not be considered as .....)

One giant leap by fankind.

Thanks for a wonderful show, and a start at restoring the faith, guys!
Keep it up.

Hey what's going on? One hour after the game and the Forum is dead. Nobody has anything to complain about today? 8)

Best way to silence all the critics is for the Cats to KEEP winning.

A tribute to Neil Armstrong, there? Nice.

I wondered who to praise in my previous post here. But who did I miss? Who had good performances that were overshadowed? Congi, Bartel, and the O line, perhaps? Rutley also got good gains when he had the ball, on that 53 yard kickoff return in particular. And special teams did well, with Edmonton not getting far on returns. We saw some good special teams tackles, including one from Cobourne. Oh wait, I just said something good about someone who isn't being overshadowed. Oh well. :slight_smile:

Indeed. Hopefully it'll continue to be quiet this quiet here because of a lack of complaints. :slight_smile:

Cobourne is a beast. He almost single-handedly controlled that 4th quarter drive that started at their own 5 yard line. He had 5 or 6 touches and pounded it into the end zone.

There's no reason for him to be sitting on the bench or selling insurance. 8)

Cobourne had a lot to prove and he did it, RB is not only talent but toughness duration and power. he is one tough dude. Ham has to hang onto this guy. :thup:

I was not able to watch the game....aaaarrrgggghh.
Congratulations to the coaches and players. :thup:

...and a tackle on punt coverage to boot!!! I agree, the coaches must play him the rest of the way.


A superb performance on an absolutely beautiful day for football at IWS.

While there are several players who had stellar games - I was most impressed with the defensive unit. Pressure all day on the QB's, totally contained the rushing attack, and the DB's - though not flawless - were markedly improved in their effort.

I would really love to believe this is the game that gets the ball rolling down hill for the remainder of the season. Hopefully they don't read too many headlines this week, and are able to focus and bring it against a mightily struggling Blue Bomber squad next week.

Good job Cats - keep it going !

Hubba Hubba!

While he was a beast today, there was no incentive for Edmonton to stop him. The game was a blowout and the outcome not in doubt. We need this kind of effort, and these types of runs when the game is on the line. Sadly we have not shown the ability to do it when it actually means something. One big win does not a season make. We need to go on a long winning streak. Then I will be a believer.

It's been nearly 48 hours so I can post my thoughts while respecting my self-imposed rule.

Hopefully this was the turn-around game of the season. Dee Webb's block started it and then Stala's TD put the Eskies on the mat. If we make the playoffs those two plays will be significant.

To finish the season at .500 (again) they'll have to go 5&2 down the stretch. Montreal and BC come here, we're in Alberta twice, two against the bummers and the season finale at Skydome. Split the first two pairs, win the remaining three and we're in - very doable.

Avon has to be the starting RB. His leadership and blocking ability are more important than Chevy's big play potential.

Henry still isn't in perfect sync with the receiving corps, but maybe 80% is good enough.

The DLine was greatly improved and along with better play calling led to the win.

Why is Ryan Hinds not starting?

My only real complaint Is that Quinton Porter should have put in in the fourth quarter when the game was out of reach for Edmonton. You can't have your back-up QB on the bench rusting. If Burris gets hurt, we're screwed because it's going to take about 2 games for Porter to get into game shape. Cortez should take a lesson from Marchel's playbook...

As for the RTP penalties, I just rewatched the game online, and must say there was not one penalty the Cats took that was undeserved.

I also got a second look at Stala's TD. From my angle in the stadium it looked like he pushed off his defender, but with the replay it was clear the Eskimo defender got turned around and simply fell.

Quick guessing game: see what answer pops into your mind when I ask this question.

After 11 games, only one Eastern team has scored more points for than against. Which team is it?

... Wrong. Guess again.


... Wrong. Sorry.



Thanks for playing.