The Kiss The Witches Thread,Vol. 4

Great win by the Cats! Props to the D for getting it done when it counted! Evil Incarnate begone!

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,


Kiss Medlock thread. :thup:

Wow. Where to begin?

OK, Medlock is a good start.

But what about those rookie receivers?

A. KELLY 7 80 1 22
B. GRANT 4 53 0 23
M. CARTER 4 49 0 16
D. STALA 3 28 1 10
C. WILLIAMS 2 64 0 48
A. COBOURNE 2 36 0 29

As you can see here, they are the ones that led the way. I thought Kelly would have a good game. But I didn't think the blue team D could be stretched, and did not think C. Williams would do that well. I'm happy to be wrong about that.

And then there 's the D. I don't know how Lemon suddenly looked much better. Our DBs got burned a few times, Young in particular as he got caught flat-footed, making a rookie mistake on the Rideau TD. But it looked like he was the one that forced the fumble to seal the win. And Hinds played well after getting burned on the first drive, as I understand.

And as I said in the game thread, I like our Williamses.

Zero turnovers by us. Had to like that.

Was great to hear the crowd noise when our D was out there. Dyakowski just said on CHML that it does make a difference.

Not sure what else to say now. But like I said before: Enjoy the week off, guys. You earned it and you deserve it.

Chamblin should take the offense out for a steak dinner. I disliked what he was doing tonight immensely. Blitzes with little to no disguises and not much stunting or misdirection while leaving your DBs in cover zero = bad playcalling. On Lemon's first TD, he picked up the blitz easily pre-snap and found his receiver for the end-zone TD. Later, Chamblin AGAIN goes cover zero and Durie forces Bo Smith to take a PI penalty, putting the ball at the 1-yard line. Result: Toronto TD.

This blind aggression without safety help, lack of variation in the blitz packages, and poor blitz disguising at the line won't cut it in the long term. Fortunately, the offense picked up the slack and marched the ball down the field for majors at just the right times.

Edit: And that's not even counting that ridiculous Toronto TD where somehow Hamilton got beaten deep when only rushing three. Either Young blew it by passing off zone coverage when he wasn't supposed to, or someone else missed his zone assignment.

As many know on this site, I am a Sudsy disciple in terms of defensive philosophy, particularly in the application of mixed coverages and disguising pressures. The fact the dogs get sent and do not get home enough is not a good recipe given what DAP has accurately pointed out. Time will tell if Chamblin adapts his playcalling and pressure design, but it is not rocket science to see that he has to mix things up more. I am not a bend-but-not-rebreak=the-broken-D kind of guy, so I welcome the added aggression. Mixing more on pre-snap looks and in what pressures occur will play dividends, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,


It did once again seem as if the D was getting predictable. It was like the second half in Calgary all over again, except that the offence was keeping the D off the field for longer periods of time.

And while we are talking about coaching, it did not seem as if Steinauer's D was a lot more aggressive. There was talk about how we'd have some difficulty in handling it, not being sure what to expect. But the offence and special teams, the offence in particular, was good enough for the win. And I'm going to enjoy it.

I like the added aggression too, but aggression all the time is as misguided IMO as passivity all the time. Offenses and OCs aren't stupid. They see you doing one thing over and over again and they will exploit you. It was the second cover zero that really bothered me, as it was obvious that Toronto was reading the blitz pre-snap and going after those end-zone corner routes. If you've been burned once on that play, for heaven's sake, give your DB a little safety help next time. Or, to put it another way: when your offense posts up 37 points, you shouldn't be needing last-second stops against the league's worst offense in order to win the game. :wink:

I'll take a win any day, but giving up 506 yards? Ouch!

Lemon throwing for 368 yards? Double ouch!

On a happy note, last 5 games, Ticats are 4-1 and Glenn has thrown 9 TDs and 1 int. :thup:

Agreed. I am not into cover-zero coverages at all. Delayed safety blitzes with a DB filling the void can be game-changing with the right safety bringing the hammer, but there are too many situations where the back end is being left out to dry because there is no safety help over the top. Lemon is not Mr. Rocket Laser Cannon Arm Man, so getting burned deep by him is not a good sign if you are not adjusting....

Oski Wee Wee,


Ditto. Chris Jones is addicted to cover zero too, at times to the detriment of his unit, as he'll stubbornly stick with it even when it's not working and the other team's offense is torching his secondary.

Delayed safety blitzes with a DB filling the void can be game-changing with the right safety bringing the hammer, but there are too many situations where the back end is being left out to dry because there is no safety help over the top.
I'd like to see someone rotate back into safety position, whether it's the dimeback or possibly the SAM backer (if it's in the end zone) playing center field, reading the quarterback, and flowing to the football. In tonight's BC-Winnipeg game, I saw BC's safety LaRose provide exactly this sort of end-zone safety help, disrupting an otherwise-sure Winnipeg TD pass and helping out his DB, who'd been beaten cleanly on the play.
Lemon is not Mr. Rocket Laser Cannon Arm Man, so getting burned deep by him is not a good sign if you are not adjusting....
I think we have a new nickname for Cleo! :lol:

Worth repeating again.

Making Cleo Lemon look good is not encouraging. Chamblin needs a week off more than any player.

I loved tonights victory, our team would have played perfect if it wern't for bad penalties and NO pass rush, we made Lulu look way better than what he is tonight

All in all though you can never be dissapointed with a Hamilton win against the Blew team!

4-3 heading into the bye week after an 0-2 start, I'll take it! :rockin:

If Lemon wants that nickname, he might have to wrestle this guy for it:

[url=] ... eries2.JPG[/url]

It seems like Chamblin is trying to run a defence similar to what Buddy Ryan did with the bears 20 some years ago. He just puts everybody up in the box and says 'try and stop us'. Unfortunately we don't have the personnel to play that type of D all the time.
The linebackers are pretty solid but the defensive line is not what it needs to be, they're not getting enough pressure with a straight 4 man rush. To be able run a defence that is that aggressive you need to be able to get sustained pressure from your front four. The 4 man line needs to occupy all of the O linemen then you can usually free up at least one linebacker on the blitz because it's taking 5 guys to block 4. They haven't had a sack in 2 games.
Until the Cats get consistent pressure from their front 4 they are going to get beat in the secondary because the secondary is still not strong enough to hold off the receivers until the blitz gets to the quarterback.
Maybe O'Bie can cox Mike Singletary and William Perry to come out of retirement.

As Rey Williams said in his post game interview – “I’m happy for the win, but we’re still not there yet.” As usual, some positives, some negatives, but no question it was a very entertaining evening. Were the Argos better than many here thought, or were the Cats not as good? I’d say both. The score, stats, and play were all very even. The young receivers continued to impress. Another night to say "Thank God, or OB, for making the change to Medlock! Not happy though with the lack of control penalties – #22, #3, #95 – and another wrong convert call by the coach. I’d love to hear him explain his choosing to kick a convert, following a TD that put his team up by 1 point, with 8 min. remaining in the game. Still, very happy with the entertainment value and the win, particularly going in the bye week. When it’s back to work time, the going gets tougher – 5 games in a row coming up against teams with better records than the Cats.

Don Matthews did this with the Als. He lived on the edge and loved lining everybody up in the box, sending the house, and daring the other team to beat us. For the first couple of years, it worked like gangbusters, and we got a Grey Cup out of it in 2002. Eventually, though, it stopped being effective -- we lost some key personnel and offenses started to adjust.

My personal feeling is that the days of no-disguise blitz and cover zero are over. It's just that some defensive coordinators don't know it yet. :wink:

Until the Cats get consistent pressure from their front 4 they are going to get beat in the secondary because the secondary is still not strong enough to hold off the receivers until the blitz gets to the quarterback.
We have the same problem in Montreal, though we don't blitz nearly as frequently as Chamblin does in Hamilton, and Tibesar does try to mix up the blitz looks with formation trickery and pre-snap movement. But both men are first-time DCs managing units that don't usually get tremendous four-man pressure.

Happy with the win, and I guess the same can be said for the Ti-Cat nation, as I see the number of threads and posts is way down today.

The difference in this game was definately Medlock. He never missed and made another long one, which is big not only because we came away with 3 points, but the Argos are pretty good at returning missed field goals. The Prefontaine miss was costly, as the Argos could have tied it up with a field goal late in the game.

It appeared that the offense played much better on this night, and they should against the Toronto D. They had some long drives for touchdowns, and frequently moved the ball instead of going 2 and out. Still some room for improvement, but it is nice to see the rookies making a huge contributions. The running game was a little better, although we did get stuffed on a few plays thanks to missed blocks or the opposition reading the play. I really like when they put Brown and Cobourne in the backfield and they run behind the blocker. Much more effective than the single back set. Would like to see Brown get a touch once in a while to keep the defense guessing. I was a little unhappy when the offense did not get a first down late in the fourth to put the game away. If you’re going to pass on second down, you better catch it and get the first down. Too risky and ended up leaving too much time on the clock.

As we all know, the defense almost let this one get away. In the end they had enough to make that last stop. They certainly made the Argo offense look better then they have in the past. Personally I thought the pass rush looked weak until the very end, and the coverage was not that good at times. I don’t think they blitzed with the linebackers as often as in previous game while they did keep a number of players up close to the line. I really believe that was because they were respecting Cory Boyd. The defense pretty much committed to stopping the run, and I think they felt that Lemon would not beat them with his arm. They were almost proven wrong, and to Lemon’s credit he made some pretty nice throws and may be finally starting to come along as he also was effective in the first half against Montreal. I have no problem with the committment to the run (although it was not entirely effective) but you still have to put pressure on the QB on passing downs, and a linebacker needs to follow the back when he heads out for a pass. The Argos and the Stamps ran the swing play to their running back so many times it was rediculous. The TiCats need to react better to that play or they are going to keep seeing it.

In the end it was a great game to watch with an exciting finish that fortunately went the right way.

Keep working TiCats, and enjoy the week off.


Agreed on all points but the convert.

The reason for going for 1 is that if you are only up 1 point the Argos can tie simply with a punt into the endzone.

Lack of pass rush hurt way too much: Lemon looked like Calvillo out there, with all the time he was getting. They need to work on this before they go to Swaggerville in 2 weeks.

The reason for going for 2 is that, if you are only up by 2 (as the Cats chose to be) the Argos can WIN with a FG. You shouldn't be choosing to avoid a tie, rather to avoid a loss.