The Kid from La Puente

Just a reminder the documentary on AC's life will air on TSN Friday night following the Toronto game ! Don't miss it.

[i] Don’t know about Friday after the game, but it is playing Thursday at 9 PM:

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The Kid from La Puente should be really cool. I've enjoyed the first two CFL Docs. Apparently there are details none of us have heard. Herb Z has written about AC's past but not like this. I listened to a CFL weekly podcast out of TO with the Commish and he stated "I teared up" and that was just a short rough cut.

Was I the only one with a smile on my face watching THe Thirteenth Man? HAHAHA. Man that brought back memories. It was a crazy high for me but a serious low for them. I watched the game at the Team 990s GC party at The Irish Embassy pub. Never had a heard so many silent Alouette fans in the first half. By the end.... well you all know the rest! :rockin:

A quick hit for kicks.I went to the Utah State University football web site. Interesting stories and history including Calvillo. I recommend checking it out. Good read. Interesting how AC's team can't break the BYU jinx (Cahoons school). Like Marshall, USU had a season canceled due to an aviation crisis in the 70's.
Also, there is a LB, Connor Williams, from Kanata Ontario who has been doing very well for USU. I'm suprised Connor isn't on the top 15 Canadian draft list. When I did my list from last year, I watched the Idaho Potato Bowl.I hope this guy becomes an Alouette. Popp must have him on the radar. Unless of course the re-birth of the Ottawa Renegades swipes him up.

My apologise for taking this thread a bit off topic temporarely.

If you do miss the The Kid from La Puente, TSN has the website and you can watch any of the CFL Docs anytime.

Oh yeah, there is one CFL Doc in November entitled " Grey Cup 1969 and the FLQ Crisis." It's a John Walker production. I know John and have actually been apart of one of his documentaries, A Drummers Dream. It was an amazing experience. I was with him when he did his priemer in Havana, Cuba. He really is a talent and will do a great job. I keep asking for a sneak peak. He told me "No worries, I've done it justice, and you and your CFL hardcores will enjoy for sure." Can't wait!

Le Chugg.

Meh. Not going to watch it, don't really care about it. Another sports documentary that has a chance to tackle the serious systemic issues behind poverty and crime but that chooses instead to elevate and fetishize individuals LUCKY enough to break out of that cycle. For every Calvillo, there are 10 other kids who were just as bright and hard-working and dedicated but who didn't make it because of the system.

Why ? Awesome post...

Connor Williams is in his 3rd. year. He won't be draft eligible till 2014,..

So are you saying it is the "system" (whatever that means) and not choices made by these 10 other free individuals that is the problem ?

This documentary was made to celebrate Calvillo and the CFL, its not a social documentary about social conditions. I don't understand your reasonning. To each his own I guess.

According to my schedule this airs on Thursday at 9PM, not Friday.

Il faut admettre que dans ces affres, le milieu ambiant impose souvent sa vision aux jeunes par le simple fait qu’ils y grandissent. Comment les jeunes de Gaza peuvent-ils voir l’avenir autrement qu’en combattant Israel puisque c’est tout ce qu’ils ont connu depuis leur naissance? Oui, sortir de ces cercles vicieux est une décision individuelle, mais cette décision se prend sur la base de repères et ces jeunes prennent repère dans leur milieu, hélas!

Il demeure que si seulement une dizaine de jeunes décidaient de prendre un chemin différent parce qu’ils ont entendu parler du parcours de Calvillo ou d’autres athlètes (Cobourne est un autre exemple), ce sera déjà une chose de bien. On peut être cynique lorsqu’on voit comment le tissu social se dégrade vite lorsque la spirale de la pauvreté s’installe dans une commaunauté, mais on peut aussi choisir de voir les bonnes choses que certaines oeuvres y apportent également. Cela n’éclipse pas la dure réalité, mais l’espoir est plus porteur d’actions et de résultats que le cynisme.

On parlait de football? Le football est le sport scolaire le plus en croissance au Québec. Les écoles secondaires ont réalisé qu’il constituait un outil pour combattre le décrochage scolaire chez les garçons, et un outil pour améliorer l’estime de soi de certains jeunes qui en avaient bien besoin. Ça ne vaincra pas le décrochage scolaire, mais ce gain fera une différence dans la vie de ces jeunes qui n’ont pas décroché grâce au football. Les Alouettes comptent un joueur qui est diplômé en finance et qui admet qu’il aurait décroché si ce n’avait pas été du football. En partageant son histoire avec les jeunes du secondaire, il contribue à sa façon à la scolarisation des garçons, dont le taux de décrochage est élevé. Comment demeurer cynique face à ces bienfaits?

Je salue l’existence de ce documentaire et espère qu’il sera accessible aux gens de La Puenta, qui peuvent être fiers de compter parmi leurs ressortissants quelqu’un d’exceptionnel comme Calvillo.

The thing is most of these stories play out the same way: difficult home life as a child, turned to football as a distraction, worked really hard, focused on the game to stay out of trouble, bounced around as a nobody for a while then made the most of his big chance when it came.

The details will vary but the structure of this story is the same for most football players it seems. It would be nice if there was a documentary that focused on the systemic problems but this was never going to be it. This is just going to be your standard paint by numbers football player fluff story

Of course it is. It is made to promote the CFL and its players. This is not the arena to make a social documentary. TSN and the CFL contracted these documentaries.

Just once Id like to hear a story about a player that didnt have a rough home life and started playing the game because he thought it was fun just once please

Thing is, those players don't usually have much of a story to tell. :stuck_out_tongue:

Too bad most Montrealers or Quebecers aren't going to care. They're still waiting for their precious hockey.

Disagree that this is a fluff story. The problems facing many kids in th US are enormous and make the future bleak for most of them, as was the case with Anthony's brother. It could well have gone that way with Anthony, too.

His accomplishments against that background are all the more amazing; it requires a tremendous force of will to turn your back on all of that. There were also personal dramas that we are all aware of, namely Alexia's and Anthony's own fight with cancer; that one is far from over.

Last point - in spite of all of those trials, Anthony Calvillo has been a professional both on and off the field. This is rare nowadays. Just look at the case of Lance Armstrong, for example. Tremendous accomplishments, but he was cheating and lying the whole time, and that includes his sponsors who either turned a blind eye or actively took part in the deception. Only now, when the cat is out of the bag, are they backing away. There was none of that with Anthony!

So, I sincerely hope that Hollywood is watching and they are already looking for actors to portray him in an upcoming film. The Anthony Calvillo story would not be merely a football story, but a life story.

Good on you, Anthony! Although the odds seem to be stacked against it this season, I hope you have at least one more shot at a GC!

Maybe I`m a sucker for these type of stories, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was a Sociology major many years ago, and still have a sensitivity to socio-economic issues young people face, but this was strictly the story of one man.

The more you learn about him the prouder you are to follow Calvillo and his team. The only cloud on the horizon is the void we can foreshadow when he retires. He is certainly someone who will be more appreciated when he is gone than he is now.

He is the definition of what a man should be - husband, son, father, teammate, role model. And the ability to bounce back from the inevitable adversity that life hands us.

The only part of the documentary I found wanting is not mentioning if A.C. has ever reached out to his father despite the history.

Je n'ai pas tout compris du documentaire, mais presque.

Ce qu'on peut retenir de l'histoire d'Anthony Calvillo, c'est à quel point il s'est forgé une personnalité admirable en refusant obstinément de vivre dans les schémas sociaux qui étaient ceux de son milieu. Il a grandi (dans tous les sens du terme) à s'exclure de ce monde-là. Il a refusé d'être le genre de jeune de son quartier en se consacrant obstinément aux sports, il a refusé d'être le genre de père qu'il a eu, il a refusé d'être rejeté comme quart-arrière après n'avoir pas été repêché par une quelconque équipe, il a refusé de se sentir diminué parce que les Steelers ne l'ont pas choisi comme quart-arrière, il a refusé d'être le genre de mari que bien des hommes étaient autour de lui, il a refusé de se comporter en super-vedette avec ses coéquipiers, les supporteurs, la ligue et son équipe. À mesure que sa vie avançait, c'est quelqu'un qui s'est forgé une vision de ce qui il voulait être et qui il ne voulait pas être.

On pourrait prendre une multitude d'histoires de joueurs de football et difficilement trouver une accumulation de défis qui ont forgé des personnalités moins attachantes que celle de Calvillo. Et si certains se sentent blasés de voir des histoires comme celles-là sur les joueurs de football ou d'autres athlètes, je leur suggère d'aller vivre un mois dans le milieu d'où ils sont sortis pour saisir l'ampleur du défi qu'ils ont relevé. Si c'est une histoire comme on en voit beaucoup dans le sport, eh bien saluons à sa juste valeur les bienfaits que le sport a pu amener à ces jeunes qui pouvaient être tout destinés à la déchéance.

Speaking of the social issues athletes have encountered, Rick Moffat has a story on the CFL website on a couple of issues Shea Emry has faced.

I enjoyed it and considering this is the all time leading passer in Pro Ball and this is the only documentary of AC's life/career. It will be a very important piece of film for generations of CFL fans. But the editing was just terrible, it didn't flow well and the stuff was very jarring at times and when they used old photograhs or footage there were no captions. You show me two baby boys and there are 3 brothers. I have no idea who's who. Some stuff seemed recreated and some lines just lacked essential context. Also did not realize how beautiful Alexia is. I new she was "cute" but what a knockout ! I would have liked to see at least one clip or photograph of him in a Posse uniform and at least something from Wethenaul and Popp. There is a very special relationship between those three people, even Trestman. There was really no tie to the Als except for stats... The most touching moment for me was when he stood in front of his friends and family at that party in LA and he realized how many people were involved in getting him there and likely how little he had time to keep up with them. I'd rate it highly on content but almost zero on presentation and artistic merit. This was pure documentary.

I was thinking the same thing about the Posse. I will have to go back and watch it again but I thought they mentioned that he got his start in the CFL with the Ti Cats and not the Posse.