the Kickng game

I think a big question mark for this team will be the kicking game, with McCallum gone it leaves a really big hole there. He may not have a great average, but he sacrificed distance for pinning teams in their own zones on punts, which is far better than out kicking the coverage. Placekicking will be a sore point, cause McCallum is an accurate kicker. Yes he didnt have his best season last year, but there were quite a few who had off years. Troy Westwood didnt have an exceptional year kicking either, but the bombers did have enough faith in him to have stick around for another year.

The riders did pick up kicker Rob Pikula, from Western. I thought they may also take the kicker from Ottawa. I haven't heard anything about getting another kicker as of yet.

I know afew guys in Regina that knew Paul and they said his biggest problem was he was so god damm overweight and out of shape.

His punting sucked but his placekicking was OK. Anyone in the CFL who can hit 75% should be able to keep a job.

I don't know anything about this new guy. I guess push comes to shove we can play Laz on the O-Line and bring in an american but would rather not do that.

If you look at the teams in the CFL , there really hasn't been that much turnover at Canadian kicker over the last 5 years. ( Fleming, Westwood, Paul , Kelett ) Surely the canadian college program can produce a good kicker every few years.

I thought you guys signed Kellett as well as the University kid????? Was I dreamin???

Yup - you were dreaming, Sporty…Kellett’s name came up, but nothing ever materialized.

Oh no I was dreaming.......God people will start calling me Kange Jr is I keep up this fictional dreaming.......

So is Kellett still a free agent?

Im not sure if he is or not, but Kellet is a sask native and Shivers allows very few hometown players fans can identify with on his team.