The Kicking Game and Ratio

While I understand the importance of having a Canadian kicker... the one thing I am not too certain about is having TWO Canadian kickers.

Having an American kicker means that you have to start a Canadian someplace else... meaning a "skill" position that usually get filled by an American is now being filled by a Canadian...


Having TWO kickers means that you have one less roster spot. Period.

With Canadian talent improving greatly... does it really hurt that much to use an American kicker?

I am, was and always will be a huge Nick Setta fan.

He did both jobs and did them well...

So far...

Neither of our kickers are doing ONE job well.

Lets hope they get better.

Sandro is the most accurate kicker in league history, hes adjusting to a new stadium, new holder, etc. Lets not get out of hand here. Having said that, having a guy like Setta here for punting alone would be a bonus.

Special Teams players don't count as "starters." Of the 42 players dressed for a game, 3 are QB's (Import or Non, doesn't matter), and of the other 39, a maximum 19 can be Imports. A minimum 7 of the 24 starters must be Non-Imports. The minimum 7 may be anywhere among the 24 players who are starters on either offence or defence. (i.e. - all 7 could be on offence if the team chose to do it that way)

In addition to the QB's, with Setta, the Cats could dress 18 other imports with 20 Non-Imports. With DeAngelis & Palardy they can dress 19 imports with 18 other Non-Imports.

ottawacat, thank you for clearing up the starter/special teams ratio for me.

That explains that part... but my question is still this...

We have two Canadian kickers on our roster. It doesn't mess with the ratio. BUT... we still have ONE LESS roster spot. Now we have one less backup in some other position. And our rosters aren't that big to begin with... can we really afford to have two kickers?

I vote to call Nick Setta and beg him to come back

Not happening He trying out for the NFL Teams ..
Plus I think Sandro will be fine

The 18th and 19th best non-imports on the roster are not exactly major difference-makers.