THe Kicker

If Duval ever got injured....who else kicks on the team?
DO they have a farm team somewhere?

I sure hope Duval won't have to do to much tackling has he's been doing this season.

Some seasons ago it was Dave Stala... But right now, I believe that we don't have any other kicker in the team. The only one would be Ben Cahoon who made one field goal before but I don't think that he would be so good for kickoffs and punts... I hope Duval won't hurt himself (and that's the same case with an injury to Anthony Calvillo).

On punts, we would just have to suit up Coach Brady...:wink:

He did some of the punting in 2007 IIRC...I also remember 1 game at McGill, (I think Duval got injured or ejected), and during half-time the Als were trying 2-3 guys in punting duties in the west endzone..I remember # 87 (B.Smith) being 1 of the players.

On FG...yeah maybe Ben Cahoon, he's 1 for 2 in his carerr IIRC...

In 2009, I have no idea who would be a suitable replacement (Punt & FG) ..maybe C.Leak...looks like backup QB always have unknown "powers"...:wink: