The key to beating the Als

The Argos need to deploy this key strategy to beat the Als up for the game.
Once those prima donna, heartless slobs see that they may actually have to play a football game, the Als will automatically fold their tent.
I fear for the Argos, however. Once the fans see this miserable excuse for a Montreal football team, they may all storm the box office and demand their money back.

IS that D.M - Wait till the game STARTS BUD :wink:

I guess the Argo's forgot to show up bud. At least in the 2nd half.
Are you drinking heavily now?


What was that sound?

It kinda sounds like his statement comming back to bite him in the ass!

Ah, come on, guys!
Don't tell me you didn't share my sentiments after the Als' effort against Edmonton. It was pathetic.
I heard the CBC commentators quoting Calvillo groaning about the criticism he and the team were getting in Montreal. As far as I'm concerned, the criticism was deserved. I also think it was a wake-up call. They played like the Als of old in the second half.
In response to your inquiries, i haven't been drinking heavily, and my ass is fine, thank you very much.
Oh, and by the way, don't get all huffy at Mudge for that procedure call. The guy just got back. I think he played fine.

Well I don't share your sentiments, but yes they were terrible against Edmonton.
Glad to hear you ass is fine too. See you in the Eastern Final.

the key to beating the Als is by not letting the montreal's cheerleaders into the stadium without buying a ticket?
And not letting them preform?

Shows great class from the Argo organization