THE KEY OF SUCCESS (for the future of the CFL) OF OUR LEAGUE

I am 56 years old and i have been a fan of the CFL since i was 7 years old.
I am proud of our league but these OBJECTIVES should be reached IN THE NEAR FUTURE

The number of teams we have is too small
Thankyou, Gilles Dugre

One of your wishes will come true padre. Don't forget Garney Henley. :cowboy:


Anyways, yes one step at a time, lets get to ten teams first.

Let's get to nine teams first. Last time I checked, Ottawa wasn't a guaranteed thing.

What's going on with Ottawa? Have they decided anything there yet?

IMO Ottawa's NOT a CFL city.The interest there is primarily in soccer and hockey.Since they're deciding to risk it anyways however, I also firmly believe that Ottawa should not be allowed to be called the Rough Rider's (I know it's likely they're going with Renegade's again), for a retro uniform sure, they can have the Rough Rider's, sort of like the Raptor's wear the Huskie's jersey's every now and again.But to say that there should be the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Ottawa Rough Rider's is totally ridiculous.One team can have the name but not both, I don't care which.As for other expansion team's, I believe Halifax should get one, Quebec city should get one, Saskatoon should get one, and one more each in Manitoba and BC.

Sorry 15..but I have to disagree on a couple of things. Where are you going to put teams in Manitoba and BC? Even Saskatoon is dicey, because the Sask is marketed as a regional franchise.

Ottawa supported the Riders for years. They averaged 23k for about 20 years of brutal football. (I think they only had one season of .500 or better-1979) Only at the very end did the fans say "that's enough". Ottawa-Hull is well over a million pop. which is twice of Hamilton proper and I believe would make it the 4th-largest market in our country.

I apologize if any of my numbers arent exact, but they are close enough to make my point.

Let me add two more things for the survival of the CFL--

  1. Maintining the number of Canadians on the rosters.
  2. Making it mandatory for teams to carry a Cdn QB. Even if all he does is practice, it still is a potential opportunity for a Cdn boy and at least a paycheque.

"Only at the very end did the fans say "that's enough". and there lies the problem. What makes anyone think they will support a team ever again? They've had their fair shake. I think it's time to try QC

Two teams with the same name: spelled different with 2 different meanings. Rough Rider, the Ottawa team was named for the log rollers of the region’s rivers. Roughrider, the Sask. team were named for an elite North-West Mounted police corps of expert horsemen. The two teams however were reluctant to change their established nicknames when the two leagues merged. Not sure if the merge happened in 1948. Would be nice to get back to nine teams sometime.

I'll be the first to admit to lean on the side of tradition on many matters including this one if I had my way. :slight_smile:

I wonder if it is mostly folks in Sasketchewan who will have the problem with this matter amongst those in the opposition. :thdn:

And if one thinks it is too confusing, get a grip and challenge yourself with something better. Try reading the CFL and NFL rule books and see how much you really know about the rules of the games that you did not know before for example. :wink:

Ottawa copied us once. I guess if they want to again, have at it.

Ottawa Rough Riders; took name in 1898. Regina Roughriders; took name in 1924 and finally to Sask. Roughriders in 1948. Can't see a copy here.

Each of your suggestions are practical. Let's hope the people in those areas will have the same interest that you have in these markets.

No doubt there is a lost generation of fans in Ottawa after all this time. It's going to take time to regain wide popular support, just as it would with any new franchise. There are a LOT of people in the region though, and presumably the Hunt group knows their fan base, or they wouldn't be going through years of wrangling to try and get a new stadium and build a new team.


I think you have to give Ottawa a chance with a solid ownership group before you completely write off their potential fanbase. This is a team that survived throughout my childhood pretty much as the bottom feeder team every year. The Roughriders struggled in the 90's and early 2000's when they had the bottom feeder teams, they get a decent team and suddently mediocre attendance turns to sell outs.

Keys to success would be revenue sharing. It’s important for all teams to be able to compete. Maintain Salary Cap. Promote football across the country will goals of having football registrations in young men as high 3rd nation wide. Help create a better development league. Similar to CHL.

All teams need to own their own stadiums to control concessions. Mandate Canadian QB’s and RB’s. These are the glamour positions. Kids need to see Canadian kids playing this positions in the CFL.

I am for expansion but not at all costs. Ottawa Region is the fourth largest CMA in Canada so ideally the league needs to go back there. Plus it’s the National Capital. QC or a Mart-time team is fine as well, but only when they have a CFL Stadium.

Maybe another team in BC in the future. I am fine with an eight team league. I never understood why soon people hate it, then talk about how great the original six was in the NHL.

Oh and it’s Rough Riders. Ottawa Rough Riders, last time I check the Rough Riders haven’t played since 1996 but still have more grey cups than the roughriders. They were formed well before the team in Regina. And who cares if the teams have similar names. Cities, colours are different.

The SEC (one of the top NCAA conferences) have two Bulldogs and two tigers in a 12 team conference, nobody in the south cares. Why should we.

Lots of people care. Review some of the past debates. The CFL is also a professional league, not a college conference, and if, as you claim, nobody should care about NCAA, why do you even reference it?

In an ideal world everything would be perfect. Unfortunately, the world is often far from ideal. We have to work with what we have, and that means (mostly) community owned stadiums and eight teams.

What I meant was that we shouldn't care if two teams have similar names in the league (CFL). The SEC which as far as I'm concerned generates a lot more revenue that the CFL (probably 10 times as much) has teams with the same name. I have reviewed past debates my point is Ottawa should be called the Rough Riders!!. People who have issues with this feel that the CFL looks bad because we have the Roughriders and Rough Riders, which I don't agree with.

I'm firmly in the camp of only having one team in the league with the name... & no matter how you slice it's a duplicate. But at the end of the day I just want to see Ottawa with a team back in the league & whatever they're called will be fine. So I do care, but at the same time I know that it doesn't really matter & I'll be at the games when I can.