The Kerry Watkins Injury?

I missed it (getting another beer, CANADIAN ALL THE WAY BABY!) but from what i heard from my friends it looked like a dirty play by the Stumps DB. From what i heard, he grabbed the facemask or something and through him down? Is this correct? No one's showing it in their hi-lights.

No, the uncalled facemask was by Browner on Cahoon away from the ball. Watkins got injured hitting the hard part of the end zone but there was no foul on the play that I could see from the Calgary DB in coverage (can't remember his name).

Oh okay, my friends must have been too drunk to know what was going on lol

They called that one ( or a penalty at least ) -- The one they didn't call was on the kick-return fumble, where he had the guy's facemask in his hand the whole way to the ground -- preventing any attempt to recover the fumble. I don't understand how the guy continues to get away with the facemask on every single special-teams tackle he makes.