The joys of being a Ti-cat fan

I really should be working but for a passionate reason I just cant stop looking over this forum today. Captivated and amazed by the passion and love we have for "our team". I am a diehard who has spent many years defending everything about the Cats and Canadian Football. As for this years team, I cant for the life of me figure out why Maas is still here or now it is we havent had a reciever that has been able to get open or a linemen who can block for years now. Reading the forum tells me we are all truly thristing desperately for a taste of victory, something to hang our hats on for the following week. Timmy Chang or any back up QB is all we've truly had for the past few seasons a wish a hope a dream. For all those who call out for change .. who can blame them .. for those who believe the never ending wait for these players we have today to improve thats thier opinion. Point is we all have our opinions and thats why to me today is a great day to be "justafan"

Yup...and i'll be right there cheering them on on Saturday! Looking forward to it.

And will be booing like a madman if I think Timmy should be in there (well, I'll be booing a lot since the Argos are in town. Man I hate that O'Shea.)